Question: Can Players Still do Bonus Hunting at Online Casinos or is Bonus Hunting Dead?

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Answer: Bonus hunting is alive and well in online casinos. Almost every casino has a signup bonus and all sorts of bonus types like free spins and no deposit bonuses. Almost all casinos offer recurring promotions so even after you have claimed the signup bonus, you keep your account active and open so you can claim further bonuses including seasonal ones like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc… The reality is this: bonus hunting is based on the idea that a player wants to be a profitable player. This is possible however for all of those players that are chasing a dream, most never stick to a plan or use the right strategies and make bad plays and bad decisions. The truth is 1 out of every 100 people will be profitable because they played the right way with a strategy. The rest will be gamblers.

Question: Most casinos restrict blackjack and video poker from their bonus terms and conditions, how am I supposed to profit on slots?

Answer come out on top. on average: It’s not an easy answer because the expected value calculations suggest that every player should be in the negative when you have completed the wagering requirements. So for example, most casinos have wagering requirements of 30 times the deposit and bonus so if you got a $100 bonus on a $100 deposit, that amounts to $200 which you have to wager 30 times which equals $6000. That sounds like a lot to wager. If you assume an average house edge of say 4% on slots, the calculation yields $6000 x 0.04 = $240 so on average you should be losing $240 when you wager $6000 on slots assuming an average house edge of 4%. However Your deposit was $100 and you started with $200 so this should put you in the negative. The reality is you can’t wager more if you hit 0 unless you start to chase your losses which is what the casinos would like you to do. So if you wager 1 or 5 cents per spin, this will take you longer and you’ll end up wagering more on average than if you were to increase your bet size to say $5 per spin. At $5 per spin your variance is higher and it means you’ll either get to $0 faster or win big. The good thing about this is your average wagering won’t be $6000 but will actually be lower, with the key phrase being on average. So if you apply this strategy across over 100 casinos then you should end up with a few decent sized wins and

Question: How can I trust that the casino is going to pay out my winnings and not rip me off?

Answer: Totally valid question. There are well over 1000 online casinos in existence at any given moment and at least more than half of them are probably not so ethical. That is they’ll be happy to take your money but will cause you problems should you dare win and try to cashout. Try to find and play at only reputable online casinos that don’t have a history of screwing over players and you’ll at least save yourself from getting screwed yourself.

The biggest challenge in finding which casinos are worth playing at is all in your research. There are many high ranking casino affiliate websites that will recommend far more casinos all in the name of profits. So if the casino treats you unfairly, it’s not their problem, it is yours.

Question: What are no deposit bonuses and can I actually cashout if I win?

Answer and bonuses are supposed to be bonuses that you start with a cash amount that you could win money with. Almost all no deposit bonuses are for slots only, sometimes keno and sometimes scratchcards. In order to cashout your winnings, most casinos require you send in documents showing identify and proof of address plus you’ll be required to make a deposit in order to withdraw. These are fraud and identity verification checks and most casinos operate this way. Almost all no deposit bonuses (ND) have a maximum cashout amount so if you had a $10 ND bonus then your max cashout might be either $50 or $100 and it depends on the casino’s terms and conditions. No deposit casinos:

Question: What are no deposit free spins?

Answer.Free spins casinos: You should note that some casinos claim to offer free spins but a deposit is required to get them. This practice is a bit misleading and casinos are now changing how they call this and you’ll see them called extra spins or simply a spins bonus or tell you upfront a deposit is required. So no deposit free spins are ones where you truly don’t need to make a deposit and the amount of free spins you get will be anywhere from 1 to 20. Casinos offering 50 or more free spins are usually requiring you make at least one deposit. You can check casinobonusesnow.com for a list of

Question: Where can I find a list of casino bonuses to claim?

Answer: You can do the research and find all the online casinos yourself which is a daunting task or find an online casino portal that will have all of these listed. One of the better sites that list and organize all of these bonuses is casinobonusesnow.com.

Question: If a casino is refusing to pay even though I played by the rules, what can I do?

Answer, Askgamblers and Casinomeister. ThePOGG: This is not a nice situation to be in but you wouldn’t be alone. Some casinos don’t like bonus hunters, or bonus whores and they either want you to think twice about playing there again or in some cases they want to find a way to confiscate your money or void your winnings and return your deposit. Some casinos have been caught changing the terms and conditions after a big win in order to claim they didn’t change it and that the player violated the terms and conditions. This is the old bait and switch tactic. Typically casinos that don’t have a lot of money or are not very successful will commonly try these tactics because big wins could put them out of business. There are a few sites that offer what’s called casino complaints or dispute resolution. The 3 most popular sites for this are

Question: Why don’t casinos allow games like blackjack or video poker to play on signup bonuses?

Answer: Simply put, you can use strategies to minimize the house edge on games like blackjack or jacks or better video poker where you can get a house edge as low as 0.5% or a return to player of 99.5%. These games used to be allowed many years ago but casinos had to exclude them because of bonus hunters. That is why today that bonus hunting almost has to be played on slots.

Question: Do I only have to claim signup bonuses or can I keep claiming more as a regular player?

Answer: Good question! Most players feel that signup bonuses are the only profitable kind where they can be 50% and over 100%. Even though you can only usually play slots, you can still gain an advantage on bonuses in the 25% to 50% range where under 25% becomes tougher to turn a profit. If you have signed up to around 100 quality online casinos, many will offer you regular promotions for holidays, special events and even birthday bonuses. If you are patient, casinos will simply send these because they want you to play more or sometimes if you don’t play enough, they’ll give you a larger bonus to try to get you back to the casino. This is your opportunity to always be playing with a good bonus and giving yourself that extra edge which you can profit from if you play it right. If you are lucky you might even become a VIP at that casino thus giving you better cashback rewards, comp points and larger bonuses. Some players even get gifts in the mail.

Question: Can I make money with blackjack tournaments?

Answer can be easy to win but are not as easy as blackjack bonuses. Blackjack bonuses provided you can wager on the games, you can get a better expected value whereas with online blackjack tournaments, sometimes the prize isn’t high enough where it can take longer to finish with a finite amount. Blackjack tournaments:

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