Biden SOTU Odds Include Designated Survivor, Topics and Ratings

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White House chief of staff Ron Klain told House Democrats last week that he hopes President Biden's first State of the Union address Tuesday night will give him a bump in the polls.

The number-crunchers in Vegas think it will, albeit ever so slightly.

SportsBetting.ag has created more than a dozen betting markets for tomorrow's speech. People can wager on thingS like which staff position will be named first, who the designated survivor will be, TV viewership, length of the speech, keywords said and more.

Who will President Biden mention first in opening remarks?

Speaker of the House             +240

Fellow Americans                   +275

Vice President                         +350

Members of Congress            +400

First Lady                                 +800

Senate Majority Leader          +800


Who will be the designated survivor?

Merrick Garland          +700

Tom Vilsack                 +700

Alejandro Mayorkas   +1000

Avril Haines                 +1000

Gina Raimondo           +1000

Lloyd Austin                +1000

Cecilia Rouse               +1200

Denis McDonough      +1200

Marty Walsh               +1200

Deb Haaland               +1400

Janet Yellen                 +1400

Jennifer Granholm      +1600

Michael Regan            +1600

Xavier Becerra            +1600

Miguel Cardona          +2000

Anthony Blinken         +2500

Isabel Guzman            +2500

Katherine Tai              +2500

Marcia Fudge              +2500

Pete Buttigieg             +2500

Ron Klain                     +2500

Kamala Harris             +5000

Nancy Pelosi               +5000


President Biden approval rating (according to FiveThirtyEight.com on 3-6-22)

Over 41 percent

Under 41 percent


Total viewers (According to Nielsen on 3-2-22)

Over 35 million

Under 35 million


Length of State of the Union address

Over 65 minutes

Under 65 minutes


What will President Biden say first?

Russia +160

Ukraine -200


What will President Biden say first?

Zelensky +200

Putin -300


What will President Biden say first?

Europe -300

European Union +200


What will President Biden say first?

NATO -150

Nuclear +110


What will President Biden say first?

Coronavirus +200

Pandemic -300


What will President Biden say first?

CDC -120

Mask -120


What will President Biden say first?

Economy -500

Inflation +300


What will President Biden say first?

Primary/Primaries -135

Mid-term/Mid-terms -105


SOTU Word Bingo Odds (Biden to say word at any time)

Democracy                  -700

Build Back Better        -400

Infrastructure             -400

Jill                                -250

Allies                           -225

Universal Pre-K           -225

Georgia                       -200

Pennsylvania               -180

Estonia                        -130

Michigan                     -130

Scranton                     -130

Virus                            -130

Wisconsin                   -130

Baltic                           -110

Finland                        -110

Florida                         -110

Cold War                     +100

Ireland                         +100

Navalny                       +100

Obama                        +100

Ohio                            +100

Sweden                       +100

Insurrection                +120

Latvia                          +120

Lithuania                     +120

Poison                         +140

Predecessor                +150

Scandinavia                 +150

Thug                            +160

Propaganda                +175

AUKUS                         +200

Trump                         +200

Tyrant                         +200

Fascist/Fascism           +250

Nazi                             +250

Boris                            +300

Politovskaya                +300

Sedition                       +300

Former guy                 +400

Stalin                           +500

Fox News                    +700

Antifa                          +1000

Brandon                      +1000

Mayor Pete                 +1000

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