Bettor Loses $569K on Seahawks

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Don Shapiro
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  • Seahawks had won ten straight against San Francisco prior to Sunday's shock loss
  • Book takes two money line bets on Seahawks to win outright, each priced between -230 and -250
  • Seattle road to playoff made more difficult now

START YOUR OWN SPORTSBOOK FOR JUST A SMALL FEE PER WEEK PER PLAYER HERE warned that the books appeared to be liking the 49ers coming into Sunday's game versus the Seahawks, but it was admitedly difficult to justify this stance.  Seattle had beaten San Francisco in ten straight games.

Not surprisingly, many bettors were fast to back the Seahawks on the money line knowing that a -3.5 line won't cover in the event of a field goal win.  San Francisco had lost a few games within three points over that 10-game win streak span by Seattle. 

One of those money line bets turned out to be an especially bad beat.


A bettor at MGM placed two money-line bets totaling $569,000 on the Seattle Seahawks to beat the San Francisco 49ers. According to MGM sportsbook supervisor Scott Shelton, the first bet was for $235,000 at -230 odds. The book bumped up the price to -250 and then took another $334,000 on the Seahawks from the bettor. The 49ers won 26-23 in overtime.

Seattle really needed this game in order to make the Playoffs.  A victory over 11-3 Kansas City won't be easy. 

From the New York Times:

The Seahawks will probably be in the playoffs. A win in their next game — against the 11-3 Chiefs — would all but clinch a playoff berth. (The Seahawks could still miss the playoffs if they lose their final game through an extremely convoluted chain of events.)

The 49ers' upset of the Seahawks produced the largest win of the season on a single game for MGM.

- Don Shapiro,

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