Betting the Total - Clemson Tigers Vs. Alabama Crimson Tide 2019 National Championship

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Here we are! This game was made for these two opponents and yes we get it; many of you hate Alabama and many more of you hate Clemson. Put all of that to bed, to rest. It is what it is and as football fans, we live with it.


Here’s the deal, love Alabama or hate Alabama, this is going to be the best NCAA CFB National Championship game that we the fans, could have hoped for. Folks, these two are the best two teams in the nation, they have been ranked one and two all season long and appropriately, they beat everyone else in their path to get here.

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Once again we have Dabo Vs. Nick and Dabo is the only one, the only coach in the last several years, that has beaten Nick Saban. We are talking about NCAA National Title Games. Dabo is the one and only man that could have beaten him this year. Think about this, there is not one other team that we can make an argument for that should be in this game. There is not one other that we can argue…” would have been better than Clemson”.

Where is this game going to end up? Forget about the side, this one may be too close to call. What we are focusing on here is the total combined points. The published line as of Friday January 4th, is 59.5. At first glance, this seems like a lot of points, but is it?

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Alabama holds their opponents to 14.8 points per game and Clemson holds their opponents to 13.7 points per game. Here is the problem; Alabama scores 47.7 points per game and Clemson is scoring 44.3 per game! These numbers present a double headed monster.

Here is the deal with Alabama, they tend to run with the bulls, they give up points when it’s necessary to do so and other teams are dictating the flow. This happen very little, and Alabama is dictated by nobody, however, in high profile games, they tend to give up points to keep up the pace as they did in their win over the Oklahoma Sooners (45-34). The first half in that game ended with Alabama in the lead, 31-10! The second half was dominated by Oklahoma, 24-14.

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Bama brings it in halves, they tend to play big in the first half and let down in the 2nd or come out flat in the first half and then tune it up in the 2nd. This will not happen against Clemson. Nick Saban will have his team prepared to do battle and they will battle from the start to finish. Saban will gladly give up a few in order to get a few! Count on it.

Clemson Tigers vs. Alabama Crimson Tide Preview and Predictions

Clemson will also do battle from the start to finish and these two will be playing defense, but defense will not be first; scoring will be first. The Tigers will come out early and want to put their foot on Alabama’s neck, they must do that by scoring and scoring often. Dabo is a master game planner and this game will fly over the total

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