BetOnline Mostly Nails It

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Gilbert Horowitz
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BetOnline's odds for each state in the US Electoral College were pretty accurate as we move into Wednesday.

During the overnight hours, BetOnline's lines were all over the map as they shifted into live in-play betting.  This platform relies on results and action as it comes in.  Hence the reason they had sitting President and Republican candidate Donald Trump listed as a -400 favorite to win at one point.

It did appear that Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden was on his way to winning the Electoral College.  Grading of some Election bets could start as early as Wednesday.

A number of states remained in limbo as of Wednesday morning, including Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Biden did win the Omaha Congressional District in Nebraska, worth one electoral vote.  Likely declared wins by late Wednesday morning in Arizona and Wisconsin, together with that one electoral vote, along with wins in either Michigan, Pennsylvania or Georgia, should result in a Biden win.

Nevada was still close to call.

Let's take a look at the Tuesday morning odds and breakdown to see the accuracy.

Arizona had Biden -125. 

Florida had Trump -190

Georgia had Trump -170.  This was looking like it could go to Biden.

Iowa had Trump -325 (was -400).

Michigan had Biden -325.

Minnesota had Biden -350.

Nevada had Biden -400.  This was going to be much closer.

New Hampshire had Biden -400. 

North Carolina had Trump -125, which was right on the money considering how close a race this turned out to be.

Ohio had Trump -280. 

Pennsylvania had Biden -200.  This was still going on.

Texas had Trump -400.

Wisconsin had Biden -325.  This was the one state that, while Biden looked to have a win, turned out to be razor sharp.

- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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