Bet365 Affiliate Program Complaints

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Bet365 is a well regarded online bookmaker, however, its once popular affiliate program has been the subject of complaints in recent years, especially over the past year with the company systematically shutting off its long time referring partners and/or requiring them to publish scripted copay in their reviews.

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An online gambling affiliate program can generate hundreds, and even thousands of dollars, for savvy website owners.  The sudden closure of affiliate programs to loyal partners often proves devestating.

But it's not just this recent practice that many have resulted in complaints against Bet365. 

Negative Rollover

This is not a common practice within the online gambling sector, however, it has long been implemented by Bet365.  One can argue, such a business model keeps Bet365 profitable.

Negative rollover involves carrying player wins (equating to affiliate losses) into your future earnings.  An affiliate profiting $10,000 during the month of April, for example, will have to subtract say $3500 in losses from the previous month, whereby the affiliate is left with $6500 in profit for the month of April.  More online gambling sites than not would allow the affiliate to profit the full $10,000.

Referral Minimum

Often included in any Bet365 affiliate program review is the requirement to refer at least five depositing players before you as the affiliate can claim a payment.  While easy to achieve, this is just yet another hassle in dealing with the program.

Market Saturation

This is a component of the UK betting market in general. 

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