Bet the UCF Knights vs. Pittsburgh Week 5 - 2018: Latest Spread, Odds to Win

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The UCF Knights come into Week 5 vs. Pittsburgh as a -13 favorite at home. They own a 3-0 record Straight Up and 2-1 Against The Spread.

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The Knights So Far in 2018

UFC quarterback McKenzie Milton is a bona fide star: He’s passed for 895 yards and nine touchdowns in UCF’s three games. Milton has also taken off for 147 yards and three touchdowns on the ground.

The Knights 2018-2019 Odds 

+100000 to win the 2019 College Football Championship.  That is a crazy amount of money.  And guess what?  It's possible.  They just gotta keep winning like last season.

CFP executive director Bill Hancock said that the Knights — who have the nation's longest winning streak at 16 games — will once again get evaluated the same way as every other team does when the committee that will ultimately decide the four playoff-bound teams this season gathers to crunch numbers and pick a field.

"Yes, there is a path," Hancock said Thursday before attending the North Carolina-Miami game at Hard Rock Stadium, the site of one of this year's CFP semifinals. "UCF got full consideration from the committee last year. I believe the committee at the end of the season had ranked UCF higher than the sports writers and the coaches had. So they got every consideration and they had a wonderful season."

- Ean Lamb,

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Brandon Aiyuk Trade Odds

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