Bet the NFL Online From Houston, Texas

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You can bet the NFL online from Houston, Texas thanks to the US Supreme Court decision this past May to abolish previous prohibition against sports betting.

The state of Texas is not exactly favorable towards gambling, so we don't expect sports betting in any of their casinos (oh wait, what casinos?). Do not dispair, a host of top notch internationally licensed online gambling sites offer sports betting on just about everything and are available to California residents.

Houston's Vietnamese Population Gravitates Towards Gambling

With its significant Asian population, primarily Vietnamese, Houston is a bookmaker's dream  The great news is that BetPhoenix caters to Vietnamese bettors, this year claiming the biggest Vietnamese player base in the world. 

Houston has an overall population of just over 2 million with more than 6.3 million in comprising the Houston metro area. NFL bettors love their Texans, with a decent enough size Cowboys fan base as well.  They also love college football.  The Astros in Major League Baseball and the Rockets in the NBA have gotten quite good over the past two years as well.

- Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com

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