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You can bet the NFL online from Garden Grove, California thanks to the US Supreme Court decision this past May to abolish previous prohibition against sports betting. Garden Grove in Orange County has a population of 174,858.

The state of California may not offer sports betting in any of its casinos for some time due to amendments that have to be added to current law.  More of an obstacle is the complicated relationship between the state and its Tribes that operate the casinos.  It's been a decade long effort now to legalize online poker and still nothing on that front. Do not dispair, a host of top notch internationally licensed online gambling sites offer sports betting on just about everything and are available to California residents.

Garden Grove Has Significant Betting Demographic

With its significant Asian population, primarily Vietnamese, Garden Grove is highly sought out by bookmakers, including those online. Garden Grove has the second largest Vietnamese population in the United States, coming in at 52,894.  More than a quarter of its population is of Vietname descent.  The great news is that BetPhoenix caters to Vietnamese bettors, this year claiming the biggest Vietnamese player base in the world. 

The Rams have also gotten good in the NFL so we anticipate even more wagers on this team.

Oh, and Lebron is coming to the Lakers, so expect an influx of bets on this NBA team. 

- Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com

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