Bet on Justin Timberlake, Miss America to Win American Century Golf Tournament

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C Costigan
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Our friends at Sportsbetting.ag are pulling out all this stops for this weekend's celebrity American Century Golf Tournament, where the likes of recording artist Justin Timberlake, former NBA player and commentator Charles Barkley and even Miss America face long odds while promising huge payouts.

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It's another sports commentatory and one-time Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo who is favored to win the 2019 American Century Golf Tournament.

More than a dozen celebrities will step out of the spotlight and onto the golf course this weekend to compete at the American Century golf tournament, which will be televised by NBC.

According to the cyber-gambling website, SportsBetting.ag (www.sportsbetting.ag), which has set odds for tournament, former NFL quarterback and current TV analyst Tony Romo the favorite.

Actor Jack Wagner has the lowest odds (18/1) of the 15 non-athlete celebrities competing.

Justin Timberlake has 75/1 odds while former Miss America Kira Kazantsev is tabbed with 2000/1 odds.

Charles Barkley has the longest odds in the field at 7500/1.


Non-athlete celebrities include:

Jack Wagner - 18/1
Justin Timberlake - 75/1
Bret Baier - 75/1
Alfonso Ribeiro - 200/1
Bobby Flay - 300/1
Joe Don Rooney - 300/1
Dylan Dreyer - 1000/1
Brian Baumgartner - 2000/1
Kira Kazantsev - 2000/1
Rob Riggle - 3000/1
Miles Teller - 3000/1
Jay DeMarcus - 3000/1
Larry the Cable Guy - 5000/1
Ray Romano - 5000/1
John O’Hurley - 5000/1

2019 American Century Championship odds

Tony Romo        5/2
Mark Mulder        3/1
John Smoltz         6/1
Kyle Williams         8/1
Mardy Fish         8/1
Steph Curry         15/1
Joe Pavelski         15/1
Jeremy Roenick         15/1
Trent Dilfer         15/1
Derek Lowe         18/1
Mark Rypien         18/1
Jack Wagner         18/1
Mike Modano         25/1
Ray Allen         25/1
Sterling Sharpe     40/1
Tyler Eifert         50/1
Jerry Rice         50/1
Jordy Nelson         50/1
Adam Thielen         50/1
Case Keenum         75/1
Aaron Rodgers         75/1
Vinny Del Negro     75/1
Tyler Seguin         75/1
Eric Weddle         75/1
Bode Miller         75/1
Bret Baier         75/1
Carson Palmer         75/1
Tom Glavine         75/1
Larry Fitzgerald     75/1
Justin Timberlake     75/1
Jerry Woods         100/1
Robbie Gould         100/1
Bret Saberhagen     100/1
Greg Maddux         100/1
Brian Urlacher         100/1
Jay Bilas         100/1
Patrick Peterson     100/1
Mike Vrabel         100/1
Anthony Lynn         100/1
Matt Nagy         100/1
Frank Reich         100/1
Doug Pederson         100/1
Joe Theismann         150/1
Tim Wakefield         150/1
Shane Victorino     150/1
Trevor Hoffman         150/1
Dell Curry         150/1
Ivan Rodriguez         150/1
Alfonso Ribeiro     200/1
Kevin Millar         200/1
David Wells         200/1
Rodney Harrison     200/1
Joe Mauer         200/1
Tim Brown         200/1
Kyle Fuller         200/1
Jimmy Rollins         200/1
Ozzie Smith         200/1
Kyle Rudolph         300/1
Josh Allen         300/1
Golden Tate         300/1
Bobby Flay         300/1
Joe Don Rooney         300/1
Andy Dalton         500/1
Jerome Bettis         500/1
TJ Oshie         500/1
Lisa Cornwell         500/1
Kyle Lowry         1000/1
Dylan Dreyer         1000/1
Andre Iguodala         1000/1
Jim McMahon         1000/1
AJ Hawk         1000/1
Roger Clemens         1000/1
Terrell Davis         2000/1
Doug Flutie         2000/1
Brian Baumgartner     2000/1
Kira Kazantsev         2000/1
Marcus Allen         2000/1
Reggie Bush         2000/1
Sean Payton         2000/1
Miles Teller         2000/1
Rob Riggle         3000/1
Charles Woodson     3000/1
Steve Young         3000/1
Jay DeMarcus         3000/1
Vince Carter         3000/1
Kathryn Tappen         5000/1
Larry The Cable Guy     5000/1
Ray Romano         5000/1
John O’Hurley         5000/1
Herm Edwards         5000/1
Johnny Damon         5000/1
Demarcus Ware         5000/1
Charles Barkley     7500/1

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