Bet the Total Number of Sacks 2022 Super Bowl 56

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Dan Shapiro
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You can bet the total number of sacks in this year's Super Bowl with the OVER/UNDER set at 5.5.


Super Bowl Sacks Records

Most sacks, career, 5

(Sacks an official statistic since XVII by the NFL, sacks for all games shown by Pro Football Reference.com

L. C. Greenwood – Pittsburgh, 4 games IX, X, XIII, XIV

Most Super Bowl Sacks Career

4.5 Charles Haley San Francisco-Dallas 5 games

3.0 Danny Stubbs San Francisco 2 games

Leonard Marshall N.Y. Giants 2 games

Jeff Wright Buffalo 4 games

Reggie White Green Bay 2 games

Willie McGinest New England 3 games

2.5 Dexter Manley Washington 3 games

Most Super Bowl Sacks Game

3.0 Reggie White Green Bay vs. New England XXXI

2.0 Dwaine Board San Francisco vs. Miami XIX

Dennis Owens New England vs. Chicago XX

Otis Wilson Chicago vs. New England XX

Leonard Marshall N.Y. Giants vs. Denver XXI

Alvin Walton Washington vs. Denver XXII

Charles Haley San Francisco vs. Cincinnati XXIII

Danny Stubbs San Francisco vs. Denver XXIV

Jeff Wright Buffalo vs. Dallas XXVIII

Raylee Johnson San Diego vs. San Francisco XXIX

Chad Hennings Dallas vs. Pittsburgh XXX

Tedy Bruschi New England vs. Green Bay XXXI

Michael McCrary Baltimore vs. N.Y. Giants XXXV

Simeon Rice Tampa Bay vs. Oakland XXXVII

Mike Vrabel New England vs. Carolina XXXVIII

Super Bowl Props Bet Here

Total Sacks Super Bowl 56

Over  5½  Sacks-135

Under  5½  Sacks+105

Total Pass Attempts in the Game

Over  74½  Pass Attempts-115

Under  74½  Pass Attempts-115

Total Pass Completions in the Game

Over  49½  Pass Completions-125

Under  49½  Pass Completions-105


Total Passing Yards in the Game

Over  577½  Passing Yards-115

Under  577½  Passing Yards-115


Total Rush Yards in the Game

Over  200½  Rush Yards-115

Under  200½  Rush Yards-115


Total Punts in the Game

3064Over  6½  Punts-125

3065Under  6½  Punts-105

- Dan Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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