Best Casino Bonus Types in 2020

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Nothing lasts forever in the online casino world. What’s new and trendy today will probably be replaced by something more fashionable in the next five years. Innovations that sound futureproof like mobile apps are being replaced by the more practical web apps. 

Bonuses everyone enjoyed a couple of years ago—say super-generous 1000% bonuses are falling out of favor. Instead, people appreciate smaller offers that come with more manageable terms and conditions. So, what are the best casino bonuses in 2020?  

No Deposit Bonuses 

No deposit bonuses are on a huge demand these days. There are several theories to explain this. On the one hand, there’s an increase in the number of people who want to try real money casino games. However, they won’t risk their money to do it and want bonuses to validate that a casino is safe. 

On the flip side, there's stiff competition amongst online casinos, and it keeps growing with new casinos cropping up monthly. All these businesses want customers, obviously. And what's the best way to attract players? You give them free betting money.  

In many cases, no deposit bonuses are small. You won't find an operator willing to give you £100 or 200 free spins. Instead, £20 is the most you can receive. However, there's always the promise to earn more bonuses if you grab the next offer below.

First Deposit Bonus 

As the name suggests, you receive this reward when you make your first deposit at an online casino. A minimum of £10 or £20 is usually enough to qualify you for this offer. It could be £40 when you spend £10 or a 100% match on your money. 

Some casinos are pretty generous with their welcome packages. They could give you up to £400 if you top up a similar amount or £1000 divided into four deposits. Unfortunately, there are often some conditions you must meet to enjoy your bonus. 

For example, you need to spend your bonus within a specific amount of time. That means you can’t use your £1000 bonus over six months as you might want. Instead, you could be forced to spend it within a month. And if you win money, you might have to complete wagering requirements before you can withdraw it. 

With that in mind, only claim the best casino bonuses. We mean welcome packages that are generous yet have very few terms and conditions. Also, pick offers from trustworthy operators. That way, you can be assured of a delightful, safe gaming experience. 

Reload Bonuses 

For some reason, not many casinos offer reload bonuses. That's even though people love and are always looking for websites that know how to reward loyal players. Usually, casinos give you these offers on specific days. 

For example, you could receive a 30% reload bonus on your first deposit of every month. A more generous operator could award you 50% of your first-weekend top-up as a bonus. Others give you free spins that limit you to playing slots only.

Given a choice, a casino with reload bonuses is better than one without. That's because you can use these offers to maximize your profits or to reduce your losses. You can also use them to relish games when you don’t necessarily want to use your cash balance. 

No Wager Bonuses 

These are arguably the best bonuses in 2020. Put simply, no wager offers to let you play slots and card games free of charge. And if you're lucky enough to win some money, you can cash it out instantly. No other casino offers give you that privilege.

Casinos that offer no wager bonuses provide them severally. First off, they can give them out as your welcome offer. So, in addition to a no deposit bonus, you also get the chance to withdraw your winnings without ever spending real money at a casino. 

Lately, there’s also a trend to eliminate all other bonuses. Instead, some casinos are only giving out no wager cashback and loyalty bonuses. To expound more, you must spend at these casinos to receive their wager bonus.  

For every penny you spend, you receive a cashback on your losses deposited into your cash balance. Alternatively, you can earn points that accumulate before you redeem them for cash with no wagering requirements.

Regular Loyalty Programs 

Not every casino welcomes you with bonuses that don’t require wagering requirements. But that doesn’t mean they are not worth it. Quite the contrary, some of the best casinos in the world built their reputations through other services other than bonuses.  

A casino could be excellent at payment policies. It could offer bespoke customer service and be transparent in all of its ways. As a result, it might not provide zero wager bonuses. But by virtual of providing generally satisfactory services, it will be worth your time.  

That said, loyalty programs are crucial as long as they come with fair terms and conditions. You shouldn’t have to spend £1000 to receive five free spins. Similarly, you don’t want an operator with generous bonuses that can’t be withdrawn. 

VIP Programs 

VIP programs favor a select group of casino players who spend hundreds or thousands of dollars monthly. Known as high rollers, VIP players spend their money primarily because they can afford it.  

However, they don't spend thousands of dollars to receive subpar treatment. Some of them expect express withdrawals. That means their cashouts must be processed on the same day. They prefer to have personal managers who can expedite their requests, bigger bonuses, and generally amazing services.

As a result, most online casinos have programs that target high rollers. Usually, they are divided into levels to suit various groups of people. Everyone has a chance to level up. But they all start at the bottom. Leveling up means spending more money at a casino, but it also comes with exclusive perks, as mentioned.

The Takeaway 

The bonus landscape keeps changing. A few years ago, everyone wanted a casino with super bountiful rewards. These days, though, people are also concerned about the quality of bonuses. So, although you might want to claim the offers mentioned above, ensure they give you value. 

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