Best Bets San Francisco 49ers vs. Washington Redskins

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Don Shapiro
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Depending on the sportsbook, the line on the Week 7 game between undefeated San Francisco and Washington was 49ers -9 to -10 with an upward trend as action was 70% to 87% on San Francisco.

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ESPN.com ranks San Francisco 3rd this week.

"The 49ers finished last in the NFL a year ago when it came to turning red zone drives into touchdowns. They've made some progress this year (they're up to a 46% touchdown rate from 41% in 2018) but still have plenty of room to improve. Getting their starting offensive tackles and fullback back from injury should help, but if nothing else, they must cut down on turnovers when they get deep in opposing territory. They have three giveaways in the red zone in their first five games, second most in the NFL." -- Nick Wagoner

Best bets ahead of this game are San Francisco paying $1000 for every $100 wagered.  Some books pay as high as $1200.

The 49ers still have value winning the NFC West as a -125 to -140 favorite.  Considering how the Rams have come unravelled, this is a decent price and is more a result of Seattle entering the week 5-1.

Seattle has some solid value paying upwards of $225 for every $100 wagered.

The Redskins are 0-5 Against The Spread in their last 5 games overall.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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