YouTubers vs. TikTokers Battle of the Platforms Boxing Odds - Bryce Hall Big Underdog

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C Costigan
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One of the biggest events on the social media calendar goes down Saturday night as YouTube influencers square off with TikTok influencers in a boxing spectacle being called the "Battle of the Platforms."


The celebrity boxing event is headlined by a bout between TikToker Bryce Hall and ACE family’s Austin McBroom.

In all, there will be eight fights between a variety of mogul influencers, and now fans that tune in to the pay-per-view event being held in Miami can also bet on the outcomes of the matches. has set odds for each of the fights, and you can see the opening odds below.

Battle of the Platforms Odds

Austin McBroom -200

Bryce Hall +150

(Odds imply a 66.7% chance McBroom will win)


Deji -450

Vinnie Hacker +275

(Odds imply an 81.8% chance Deji will win)


AnEsonGib +170

Tayler Holder -250

(Odds imply a 71.4% chance Holder will win)


DDG -250

Nate Wyatt +170

(Odds imply a 71.4% chance DDG will win)


FaZe Jarvis -250

Michael Le +170

(Odds imply a 71.4% chance Jarvis will win)


Tanner Fox -180

Ryland Storms +140

(Odds imply a 64.3% chance Fox will win)


Landon McBroom -350

Ben Azelart +225

(Odds imply a 77.8% chance McBroom will win)


Ryan Johnston -180

Cale Saurage +140

(Odds imply a 64.3% chance Johnston will win)

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