Auburn Tigers Office Pool Strategy, Pick, Odds - 2019 March Madness

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Don Shapiro
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When making your March Madness office pool picks, consider the teams carefully.  The Auburn Tigers, for example, should make it into the first weekend.  Remember to print out your March Madness bracket here


Why They Go Deep

As this was going to press we were watching the Tigers destroy Tennessee in the first half.  It only got worse in the second half and the rest is history.  They demolished the Vols.  This Tigers team can shoot.  Auburn is No. 1 in the nation in forcing turnovers, with a 25 percent turnover percentage.  This is a team that can upset, say, Duke.  They destroyed Tennessee with one of their top scorers barely even getting it in the net.

Why Be Concerned

Duke looked likely be the team they need to beat to advance into the Sweet 16, but it will probably be Kansas instead.  They will probably take on North Carolina in the Sweet 16 (assuming they get that far).  That will be tough but doable with a line of -5 likely favoring the Tar Heels.  

Who They Will Play

We initially had Auburn -5.5 versus Minnesota but it was looking more like they would be facing off against Saint Mary's.  Selection Sunday provided Auburn with some relief in the form of New Mexico State.  Auburn was now a -7 favorite as a result.

Odds to win 2019 NCAA Men's Tournament (4/8/19)
Team Odds
Duke 9/4
Gonzaga 9/2
Virginia 6/1
North Carolina 10/1
Kentucky 12/1
Michigan State 12/1
Tennessee 12/1
Michigan 16/1
Texas Tech 18/1
Houston 30/1
Kansas State 30/1
Purdue 30/1
Nevada 40/1
LSU 55/1
Marquette 55/1
Florida State 60/1
Villanova 60/1
Iowa State 80/1
Kansas 80/1
Wisconsin 85/1
Auburn 100/1
Louisville 100/1
Mississippi State 100/1
Syracuse 100/1
Virginia Tech 100/1
Buffalo 150/1
Maryland 150/1
Cincinnati 200/1
Washington 200/1
Iowa 250/1
Wofford 250/1
Arizona State 300/1
Baylor 300/1
Central Florida 300/1
Florida 300/1
Hofstra 300/1
Indiana 300/1
NC State 300/1
VCU 300/1
Ole Miss 400/1
Creighton 500/1
Liberty 500/1
Minnesota 500/1
Murray State 500/1
Oklahoma 500/1
Seton Hall 500/1
St. John's 500/1
TCU 500/1
Texas 500/1
Utah State 500/1
Yale 500/1

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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