Are You a Slot Machine Addict? Here's a Must Try Site for 2019

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Slot machines are very attractive and addictive games to play, whether in a land-based or online casino. This is because of its easy gameplay and fast game pace. In a land-based slot game, you can either insert a coin, a bill or a ticket to play a slot machine, with a turn of the handle, you can already test out your luck on the combinations that turn out. Online slot machines have an easier, cashless betting and a wider range of options and more variations. If you love playing slot machines, there are new sites that offer slot machine games for this year.

Live 22: What Makes It Special?

Southeast Asia is composed of several countries, and there are many people who love to bet, gamble and play slots. One of the most innovative and exciting online casino sites where you can play slot machines and bet and win real money is Live22. If you are looking for slot machine games, this is the site that you can enjoy playing on. They offer visually rich and exciting slot games and other game options such as betting games, poker and table games.

Stunning Visuals

Nothing attracts online gamers more than crisp and vivid visuals and high-definition graphics. Online slot machine players can feast their eyes on a wide selection of games and magnificent screenshots of some of their available games. Stunning visuals can set the mood for a more vibrant and engaging play experience, which will leave first-time and frequent players alike going back for more.

Convenient Gameplay

As mentioned earlier, one of the best reasons of slot machine players for being engrossed in the game is the easy gameplay. The instructions are simple and the betting process in the online environment if flexible, giving players different options. The payout is also fast and uncomplicated, so slot machine players can play in relative peace and comfort.

It is Mobile Ready

The site also offers an easy app download option, making it one of the select few casino sites that are mobile-ready. The number of users accessing the internet through their mobile devices is increasing, and forecasted to overtake PC access in the coming years. This innovative option provided by this site solidifies its position as one of the best online gambling websites. Smartphone users all over Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore who love slot machines, online betting and casino games will have access to this wonderful site. The possibilities are endless, and expansion and further innovations could be right in the corner for this remarkable site.

Awesome Online Support

An incredible gaming experience cannot be complete without an extraordinary online support. Live 22 has got this covered with friendly and helpful representatives you can reach through live chat. If you have questions or seek assistance with the games, the customer service representatives are there to help you. The chat support is another feature worth noting about this site. It gives players a convenient and real-time way of requesting assistance without having to call and end the game in the process. With this chat support, you are treated like a boss.


When it comes to online casinos and betting, nothing is more important than security. People are betting real money here, and they want to know that that money is safe and cannot be stolen or anything. This is one of the reasons why Live22 puts so much emphasis on security and data encryption. You’ll find that they are using the latest security and protection protocols available to protect their punters’ financial data and ensure that no theft could occur. This makes them one of the most reliable casinos that people can bet with and not have to worry about their money. 

Bonuses, promotions, and jackpots

If there is one major reason why online casinos are this popular to this very day, it is the fact that they offer some really cool bonuses and promotions. And Live22 understand this, and they have some very cool promotions for players so they could keep on gambling happily knowing that the casino is behind them. The online site also offers some of the biggest jackpots you can find, which means your chances of making it big are quite good.

Game Variety 

People don’t want to deal with an online casino that only offers a game or two. One of the greatest edges online casinos have over land-based ones is the fact that the possibilities are endless and they are not restricted by space to add as many games as possible. This website has a huge variety of games that could keep people entertained for a very long time. Even if you got bored with the game you are currently playing, you could just easily move on to another one with the same cool visuals and awesome gameplay. There are even different themes for the games, so you could try different slot themes, for example, if you want. 

Variety of payment methods 

The convenience of being able to gamble with an online casino from the comfort of your home doesn’t mean much if you need to go to the bank every couple of hours to make a wire transfer. The more payment options the casino has, the better it is for punters who’d like to pay in methods that are convenient for them –– whether it is credit or debit cards, cash, or even cryptocurrencies. Live22 realizes and understands that, and this is why they are offering a lot of payment options to cater to the different clients, so you could pay however you want, and the payment will also be secured regardless of the method.

Online casino sites are improving the player experience more than ever. Not only are they offering visually enchanting games, they have also improved the gameplay and introduced variations to make the games more interesting and exciting. Slot machines are one of the easiest online games to play that can get players hooked, and the offer of a downloadable app improves its reach to more players. For Southeast Asian players, all these can be found at this online casino site.

- Payton O'Brien, Gambling911.com Senior Editor

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