Dutch Boyd Calls Out Poker Pro Adrian Sorin Lovin as the "Racist' Thrown out of WSOP Main Event

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African American poker player Maurice Hawkins was reportedly the victim of racial slurs while playing in this year's World Series of Poker Main Event, and organizers weren't having any of it.  They removed the perpetrator and disqualified him from playing the remainder of the event.

Hawkins tweeted after the shock slur:

Well, here at the World Series, you can say.
SHUT UP NIGGER. And all you do is get a penalty for the rest of the day. Basically not disqualified. So take it for what it is. I am not protected from racial slurs or anything. Had to take a L, and I didn’t like it. #HawksView

He quickly followed up with this:

Update on on the Racist guy from the WSOP.Jack Effel just showed America how to deal with Racism, and that’s Zero tolerance. I am proud to play in @Wsop and be apart of their brand. (Thankyou) He Perped walked the racist guy out of the Tournament Area and DQ”ed him.#HawksView

Fellow poker pro Dutch Boyd has since identified the individual who made the racial slur as one Italian player Adrian Sorin Lovin.  While his interpretation of the events that transpired were slightly different, Boyd made it abundantly clear that Lovin used the "N" word.

Fwiw: I heard "Whats up" not "Shut up"... And English was obviously like his fourth language. And the player's name is Adrian Sorin Lovin. DQed. Thanks for coming to Vegas... and enjoy the long flight home, you racist asshole. LOL. You're a gentleman, Maurice!

In regard to the suggestion that Lovin may not have had a full grasp of the English language, one player chimed in that it is ironic, of the few words he might know in English, "n***er" is one of them.

Outspoken poker pro Daniel Negreanu also tweeted his support of Hawkins.

Fantastic to hear!!! sorry you had to deal with that. The poker table (or anywhere for that matter) is no place for racist insults and we don’t need his kind at the WSOP. Great job Jack. Very happy to hear this handled correctly.

- Nagesh Rath, Gambling911.com


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