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39-year-old Aaron Rodgers has been traded to the New York Jets after weeks of speculation.  He was so certain to be a Jet, oddsmakers had already posted odds of New York winning the Super Bowl within the top five.  The Jets pay out $1200 for every $100 bet as of April 24, 2023.


The Jets and Packers agreed to a trade Monday, 40 days after Rodgers publicly declared his desire to join the team.

Rodgers is scheduled to make nearly $60 million in 2023 but is expected to renegotiate that deal before coming to the Jets.

Some of the Most Sought After Odds

Last year, the folks who set odds for a living thought Aaron Rodgers played his final game in Green Bay as a member of the Packers back in January 2022.

Rodgers returned and, despite a rough season, could have slipped into the playoffs in the final game of the 2022 regular slate with a Packers victory over Detroit.  That didn't happen.

Rodgers has not made any decision about whether he intends to continue his NFL career in 2023, but did hint at potentially sticking around with a reworking of his contract.

Rodgers has $59.465 million guaranteed if he plays in 2023, as part of the three-year, $150 million contract extension he signed in March. It carries a salary-cap charge of $31,623,570 for next season.

"There's a lot of teams, because of COVID, that are strapped, and you're seeing with a lot of different contracts, they're pushing more money out in deals," Rodgers said on the "The Pat McAfee Show" Tuesday. "They're creating void years to allow for an easier cap hit, so there would have to be some adjustments, for sure."

While it's not impossible to trade Rodgers, the contract as written does make it difficult.

Aaron Rodgers Next Team 2023-24 Season (Early)

Will Aaron Rodgers announce retirement before Week 1 of next season?

Yes +170

No -250

Aaron Rodgers Next Team                   

Raiders             4-1

Colts                 5-1

Jets                  5-1

Panthers           7-1

Patriots            7-1

49ers                8-1

Saints               9-1

Commanders    9-1

Falcons             10-1

Buccaneers       12-1

Titans               14-1

Giants              33-1

Lions                33-1

Texans              33-1

Cardinals          50-1


Jets Starting QB Week 1                       

Derek Carr                    3-1

Jimmy Garoppolo          4-1

Aaron Rodgers              5-1

Mike White                   5-1

Lamar Jackson              7-1

Zach Wilson                  10-1

Bryce Young                  16-1

CJ Stroud                      16-1

Will Levis                      16-1

Tom Brady                    20-1

Baker Mayfield             33-1

Joe Flacco                     50-1


Raiders Starting QB Week 1                 

Tom Brady                    3-1

Jimmy Garoppolo          4-1

Aaron Rodgers              6-1

Anthony Richardson      9-1

CJ Stroud                      10-1

Jarrett Stidham             10-1

Will Levis                      10-1

Bryce Young                  11-1

Lamar Jackson              12-1

Matt Ryan                    12-1

Baker Mayfield             14-1

These Were Your 2022 Odds

Will Aaron Rodgers be on Packers’ roster in Week 1?

Yes +160

No -225

(Odds equate to a 69.2 percent implied probability Rodgers won't be on roster)


Will Aaron Rodgers retire before Week 1?

Yes +700

No -2000

(Odds equate to a 95.2 percent implied probability Rodgers won't retire)


Aaron Rodgers team in Week 1

Broncos           +250

Steelers           +350

Dolphins          +450

Eagles              +550

Browns            +750

Raiders            +900

Jets                  +1200

Panthers          +1400

Saints              +1400

Titans              +1400

Giants              +1600

Seahawks        +1600

Ravens            +2000

- Dan Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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