AI Defeats Top DOTA Team

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Gilbert Horowitz
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First Artificial Intelligence (also known as AI) beat a bunch of professional poker players, and now they want a piece of professional gamers. 


An AI took on one of the top DOTA teams and won.

OG won Valve’s 2018 International but it couldn’t win a best-of-three exhibition match against OpenAI Five.

From UberGizmos:

OpenAI Five beat five players from OG. It was able to do that by relying on aggressive and unconventional strategies which included instant revivals for heroes in the early stages and picking valuable heroes. OG did put up a good fight as the first round lasted well over 30 minutes but it was the AI that emerged victorious in the end.

In 2017, an AI beat a group of professional poker players and walked away with $800,000. 

That artificial intelligence, created by Carnegie Mellon’s Tuomas Sandholm,  demolished four top poker pros. 

Libratus—Latin for balanced—was created to test ideas for automated decision making based on game theory.

Sandholm had previously founded a startup called Strategy Robot to adapt his lab's game-playing technology for government use.  This included engaging the AI in war games and military strategy. 

OpenAI Five was developed by OpenAI, an American artificial intelligence research and development company founded - not to take part in war games - but with the mission to develop safe AI in a way that benefits humanity.

Dota 2 is a vastly complex strategy game, involving more than 100 unique characters, deep skill trees and item lists, and a dizzying array of variables playing out onscreen at any given moment in a match, the verge.com noted.

Greg Brockman, Chairman & CTO @OpenAI, tweeted out ahead of the big Dota 2 vs. OpenAI Five showdown: 

Bots do something humans don’t do: gyro is killed and immediately buys back even though the base isn’t under attack.  We see this happen in test games all the time: the bots buy back, the humans laugh, and then the humans lose. Hard to know if it’ll happen here too...

- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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