A Guide to Security of Online Casinos

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Online gaming has fast become a love affair between those who spend the majority of their time online and have a keen appreciation of quality casino games.

If online gaming has taught us anything, it’s to ensure that we choose to sign up with prestigious online casinos. Why? Because the online realm is a poaching ground for fraudulent activity. And one thing that stands to ruin any innocent bystander is the trap of revealing personal information which can be cloned, leading to unsuspected fraudulent scenarios.

Why Choose Prestigious Online Casinos

Apart from the quality casino games and a certain level of quality prestigious online casinos adopt, we know that they use trusted payment methods which protect players' personal information. The result here is a level of trust which is hard to find at unlicensed casinos on the web.

Payment Structures

All legally operated online casinos have a selection of payment methods which you may already be familiar with. These safe and secure payment structures use SSL Encryption Technology to protect any information transferred from the merchant to the vendor. Some of the most popular payment methods, more often than not, facilitated by online casinos can be recognized as Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, iDebit, Instadebit and Interac Online, a method catered specifically for Canadians. These are to only name a few as there are many more. However, should you not be familiar with an online payment acceptance or withdrawal method, it is well advised to do some investigation before opting for an unknown payment service. Some methods take longer than others to pay out, while others may charge a fee for facilitating the service. There are also cryptocurrencies available to use at the online bitcoin casinos. Bitcoin transactions are secure enough but there have been numerous hacks on bitcoin wallets.

SSL Encryption Technology

Secure Socket Layer protocol certificates have a public and private key that work together to establish an encrypted connection. These certificates also identify with the data on a particular website, ensuring a secure connection is established legitimately.

SSL protects sensitive information such as credit card numbers and pins, social security and identification information, as well as login credentials. If any third party intercepts this information they can use it to be cloned, stealing your identity as well as your money. This is what SSL encryption protects at all times.

Licensing and Regulation

Licensed casinos are regulated through corporate bodies such as Malta, the UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar, Curacao, Kahnawake Gaming Commission, and the Isle of Man. These are the biggest corporations in the industry that are legally allowed to issue licensing to online casinos who in turn, have to pass the standards set in place to ensure safe and secure online gambling.

Online casinos submit their operational plans and auditing to obtain and maintain an online operating license, and as such, are more likely to be safer and more secure as opposed to those who illegally set up casinos.

Random Number Generators

Alongside security comes the safety of your betting. Random Number Generators, otherwise known as RNG’s, ensure that online casinos are fair when it comes to winning and payouts. The core of any online casino is the RNG factor; it is what calculates the outcome of each spin of a slot game, the deal of a card from the computerized deck and so forth. Reliable and safe casinos using the best security will provide players with information regarding their RNG and have theirs tested by verified companies, such as eCogra for example, to ensure their players are offered the best winning chance.

Choosing Safe and Secure Online Casinos

If you are planning to play online casino games to win real money, you should only choose to do so at a safe and secure online casino. You can verify the legitimacy of the casino by checking whether the site has any licensing and regulatory information and logos, and if so, which company has given the authority. This will tell you if the casino is licensed and if it uses safe and secure payment options.

At the end of the day, the onus is always on the user to keep personal data safe and ensure you know where your money and information is really going.

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