Online Poker Tournament Strategy Guide : 5 Tips to Win Big by Betting Small Stakes

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Small stakes online poker is something that can be painstakingly long, and frustrating at times. Yet, despite this, it can still be fantastically fun to play and dedicate your time to. In any gambling game, it can be super difficult to not actually enjoy your time while you play and compete against other players. Within this article, we will be introducing you to a series of tips that can allow you to prepare for your small stakes poker journey, but also recognise and find the success of the moment once you do!

If poker betting is not so much your thing, and you would much prefer to gamble on sports betting as an alternative, Bet and Skill is the perfect solution and location for you to participate in that! If you are here for the strategies, keep on reading and have a pen at the ready to make sure it all sinks in… 

Prepare yourself for a long session

This is a huge factor that you will need to consider for your gameplay and future. These tournaments can take up to seven hours to complete, meaning your gameplay day will be massively long, and you kind of have to be cool with it. Yes, you will be sitting around for hours on end, just like everyone else in the tournament too. Patience is a virtue as they say, and it is key to take every playing moment as it comes. You need to be aware of your opponents and what they act on, as this is key to your play too. Do not fall asleep or doze away mid play, as that cannot be good table manners here at all.

It has been mentioned by a few players, here and there that tournaments like the PokerStars can last for up to 12 hours, with previous tournaments starting at 7pm and continuing up until 6:30 the following morning. Sure, there will be administered breaks but you have to be prepared mentally for what is to come as you play. There is no doubt that many sign up without actually knowing what they potentially are signing up to. So, use this as a sign for you to know what you're precisely up against!

Most poker tournaments will have an estimated schedule of how the games are projected to commence. Nothing is stopping you to make sure you are aware of the plan ahead, and know that it is subject to change depending on game structure when live. There are quicker tournaments online too, so that could be a sign to help you look out for the shorter periods of gameplay instead. Nevertheless, the art of being patient really is a thing in poker tournaments, so at least we warned you of what is to come!

Prepare yourself for some crazy swigs 

The variance in poker tournaments with small stakes differs, due to the number of opponents that are playing in the moment. The game will need to get through each and every player, and many of the opponents will not be able to put on hand in gameplay.

When you play against many recreational players, there is an open possibility that players will call the raise that you make, even if you go all in too, with high limits. This can lead to super unpredictable moments when you play. This situation in gameplay is favoured when played long term, yet over the instant short-term period, you can find your running to be worse than you ever predicted and originally thought possible. It is super important to make sure you have a healthy bankroll to fall back on when you play, as sometimes times are hard in poker tournaments, and the average buy in can be an average of 200 times more than what was made at the beginning of the game.

Value bet your hand to the max 

Elaborated bluffs are not advised, as they can lead to unprecedented circumstances to you and your gameplay. You will find it can push you into a corner and then there will be no hope of getting out! Many opponents only look and care about the hands that they have, and probably will not blink an eye when it comes to realising the actions you will follow with represent a specific hand. They will want to push you into a showdown to win the round you are playing. That is pretty much it in simple if we are honest. You will need to make sure that you get the maximum value for your hands, as just as your opponents will look at their hand, you must seize the day too.

The higher stakes tournaments will have ⅓ bets at the equivalence to the pot, therefore it will be more difficult to get a payout from those stakes moving forward. When you play at a lower value and end of the spectrum, you will be able to get away with betting much, much more. Not many of the opponents you are playing should be able to call your bets in small stakes, meaning you have a strong hold and advantage here massively.

Pay attention to the betting and be prepared 

Many times, poker players will not take responsibility for the way they handle their hands and luck that comes within the game. You should always play your hand in the manner that will bring forward to you a way of getting out from pots when you need to. If weak players have so-so preflop, the flop on the turn will be called and lead you to a flush. There is a certainty that the player will have a flush. Raises on a river are true and even if the hand beats you, you know that when there is a raise from a weak player, they most definitely will have the flush for the next hand and showdown.

Do not worry about having a balanced gaming style 

This is true here, you do not need to worry about having a balanced style of poker when you play, within a small stakes tournament. The reason we say this is, you will not likely come up against a player who has played you before in the field. There are many, many foes out there, who are out there ready to play you. It is unlikely to meet the same person again, meaning you can be as unbalanced as you like.

When you play against stronger opponents, you should make sure that you balance the way you play, so you can showcase varying bets and not be read easily by experienced players that will know what and why you are playing the way you are. Varying you’re playing style is the best way of not getting caught.

Should you wish to be successful in the way you perform within online tournaments, know that this should be one way where you can turn up the heat and really showcase a better standard of gameplay.

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