49ers vs. Cardinals Margin of Victory Payout Odds - Prop Betting

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Dan Shapiro
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Gambling911.com has your Margin of Victory betting odds for the 49ers vs. Cardinals game Thursday night.

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49ers Win By 01-03 Points 5/1 - A $10 bet pays out $50
49ers Win By 04-06 Points 7/1 - A $10 bet pays out $70
49ers Win By 07-10 Points 5/1
49ers Win By 11-13 Points 11/1 - A $10 bet pays out $110
49ers Win By 14-17 Points 7/1
49ers Win By 18-21 Points 9/1
49ers Win By 22 or More 3/1
Cards Win By 01-03 Points 15/1
Cards Win By 04-06 Points 22/1
Cards Win By 07-10 Points 18/1
Cards Win By 11-13 Points 45/1
Cards Win By 14-17 Points 30/1 - A $10 bet pays $300
Cards Win By 18-21 Points 50/1
Cards Win By 22 or More 30/1

- Dan Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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