4 NFL Sportsbook Predictions For Online Bookies To Secure Success

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The NFL Regular Season is just about here. Check out 4 NFL sportsbook predictions. Then, study how to secure success based on those 4 NFL sportsbook predictions.

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NFL Sportsbook Predictions: #1

The New England Patriots will be over bet in almost every game

The New England Patriots are, again, the favorites to win the Super Bowl. New England is the most over bet team from week to week almost every season.

Because the Patriots are Super Bowl faves again, they should be over bet again to win the Super Bowl.

What Should Bookies Do:  Allow wagers on New England to cover the spread to stand. Don’t utilize your layoff account unless you’re sure the Patriots will cover.

NFL Sportsbook Predictions: #2

Over in New Orleans Saints games will be overplayed

The Saints are one of the highest scoring teams in the NFL. Up until last season, they had one of the  worst defenses in NFL history. Over on Saints game was a close to automatic.

This season? New Orleans defense projects to be one of the best defenses in the NFL.

What Should Bookies Do:  Just like with the Patriots, bookies shouldn’t utilize their layoff accounts unless they’ve got a strong feeling that the Saints game in question will go over the total.

The Saints’ D could lead to more under games than over games this season.

NFL Sportsbook Predictions: #3 

Cleveland will be another ATS winner this season

The Browns have been one of the worst teams in the NFL the past few seasons. There’s no doubting that. Cleveland only won a single game in 2016. In 2017, they didn’t win any games.

That’s right, the Browns went 0 and 16.

However, they’ve been a decent team against the spread. That means online bookies must pay attention to action on Cleveland.

What Should Online Bookies Do: Set up a BetAlert, offered with PayPerHead’s Prime Package (on for just $3 per head!), on the Cleveland Browns each week.

Then, if the BetAlert hits study the action on the Browns before deciding to set a schedule limit override, utilizing your layoff account, or taking the game off the board.

NFL Sportsbook Predictions: #4

Super Bowl 53 future odds will change wildly week to week

After the Kansas City Chiefs upset the New England Patriots in Week 1 last season, the Chiefs odds to win the Super Bowl dropped at least 10 points.

Eventually, the Chiefs odds went back up to where they started, but for the first month, the Chiefs went as low as 17 to 1 to win the Super Bowl.

What it means is that Super Bowl odds will change dramatically.

What Should Bookies Do:  Set max betting limits on Super Bowl 53 futures. Consider opening Super Bowl 53 betting back up after huge odds changes.

Don’t forget that casual players like to bet on favorites, or big odds movers, to win the Super Bowl.

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