Dramatic Moves in 2022 World Series Futures

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C Costigan
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To say there was a free agent frenzy before the MLB transaction freeze would be an understatement.

Never before have we seen a mountain of money move a tower of talent in such a short span. And the signings had a massive impact on next season's World Series odds.

We updated our World Series futures Thursday, which you can find below, as well as some of the before and after odds from key teams.


New York Mets – From: 20-1 To: 9-1

Texas Rangers – From: 200-1 To: 40-1

Toronto Blue Jays – From: 18-1 To: 16-1

Miami Marlins – From: 80-1 To: 66-1

Detroit Tigers – From: 50-1 To: 33-1


2022 World Series

Los Angeles Dodgers               +650

Houston Astros                       +900

New York Mets                       +900

Atlanta Braves                        +950

New York Yankees                  +1200

San Diego Padres                    +1400

Tampa Bay Rays                      +1400

Chicago White Sox                  +1600

Toronto Blue Jays                   +1600

Boston Red Sox                       +1800

Seattle Mariners                     +1800

Los Angeles Angels                 +2000

Milwaukee Brewers                +2000

San Francisco Giants               +2200

St. Louis Cardinals                   +2200

Detroit Tigers                          +3300

Philadelphia Phillies                +3500

Texas Rangers                         +4000

Cincinnati Reds                       +5000

Minnesota Twins                    +6000

Cleveland Guardians               +6600

Miami Marlins                        +6600

Oakland Athletics                    +6600

Chicago Cubs                          +10000

Colorado Rockies                    +10000

Kansas City Royals                  +10000

Washington Nationals            +10000

Arizona Diamondbacks           +25000

Baltimore Orioles                    +25000

Pittsburgh Pirates                   +25000

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