2022 Super Bowl 56 Margin of Victory Prop Bet Payouts

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Tyrone Black
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Think you know which team will win Super Bowl 56 and by how much?  The payouts can prove enormous on the Super Bowl Margin of Victory prop bet.


It's only necessary to choose within a range.  The favorite, for example, pays $320 on every $100 bet.  That would be the Rams from 1-6 points.

The Bengals by that amount pays out $425.

But do you think LA can win by 13 to 18 points?  That range pays out $600 on a $100 bet.

Let's look at the last four Super Bowls and what the payouts would have been assuming the current favorite/dog team role.

Last year's victory by the favorite, Tampa Bay, was by 22 points.  The payout would have been $900 on a $100 bet.

Kansas City beat San Francisco by 11 points the year prior with a payout that would have been $450 on a $100 wager.

New England beat the Rams the year prior for the same payout as in 2020.

Philadelphia's shock win by 11 over the Patriots as a dog would have paid $700.

You can bet the Margin of Victory on Super Bowl 56 here

Winning Margin Moneyline
3066 Rams by 1-6 Pts     +320
3067 Rams by 7-12 Pts     +450
3068 Rams by 13-18 Pts     +600
3069 Rams by 19-24 Pts     +900
3070 Rams by 25-30 Pts     +1600
3071 Rams by 31-36 Pts     +2200
3072 Rams by 37-42 Pts     +4000
3073 Rams by 43 or more Pts     +5000
3074 Bengals by 1-6 Pts     +425
3075 Bengals by 7-12 Pts     +700
3076 Bengals by 13-18 Pts     +1200
3077 Bengals by 19-24 Pts     +2000
3078 Bengals by 25-30 Pts     +4000
3079 Bengals by 31-36 Pts     +6000
3080 Bengals by 37-42 Pts     +10000
3081 Bengals by 43 or more Pts     +11000

- Tryone Black, Gambling911.com

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