2022 CFP Semifinal Spreads Released

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C Costigan
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With second edition of the 2021 CFP Ranking out last night, many are speculating which four teams will be competing for a national championship in January.

Thus far, Oklahoma has received very little support from the CFP committee, coming in at No. 8 behind a handful of one-loss teams in the latest ranking.

But BetOnline oddsmakers don't see the Sooners being as inferior as the old-school committee does. They are actually listed as 3-point favorites against Cincinnati in a potential CFP semifinal game.

Oregon, the No. 3 team in the country according to the CFP ranking, is considered to be the worst squad of the half dozen teams listed below.

These spreads are for potential CFP semifinal matchups only. The teams used are the Top 6 teams in terms of CFP National Championship odds at BetOnline.ag.

CFP Matchups Odds

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Alabama vs. Georgia (-2)


Ohio State vs. Georgia (-6)


Oklahoma vs. Georgia (-12)


Cincinnati vs. Georgia (-15)


Oregon vs. Georgia (-17)


Ohio State vs. Alabama (-4)


Oklahoma vs. Alabama (-10)


Cincinnati vs. Alabama (-13)


Oregon vs. Alabama (-15)


Oklahoma vs. Ohio State (-6)


Cincinnati vs. Ohio State (-9)


Oklahoma vs. Cincinnati (-3)


Oregon vs. Cincinnati (-2)


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