2019 NFL Division Round Playoffs Betting - Some 65-35 Action Ratios Observed

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Don Shapiro
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Throughout this NFL season we have seen plenty of nice edges that typically turn out to be big wins for Gambling911 readers, the 2019 Playoffs have proven tough to find any thus far.


Last week we saw a slight lean on action going the Chargers way versus the Ravens across the board but books did not appear to have that strong an opinion on that game.  They did have some mild exposure and lost to the betting public.

Looking ahead to this weekend we are seeing balanced action on each of the games, which could skew to either side depending on the book.

Across the board, however, the Chargers were beginning to stand out as the most wagered on side with 60% to 70% of spread bets coming their way.

The Eagles were seeing between 58% and 68% of the bets coming in against New Orleans depending on the book.

The Colts were the early lopsided bet, if you could call it that, as they were seeing roughly 55% to 60% of the spread bets.

It's still early and this action could balanced out.

Thus far, the Colts line has trended downward from +6 to +5 in an obvious effort to get more action on the favorites Kansas City.  Oddsmakers are basically following the action here in moving the line.  Some books were holding at +5.5.  If we see more of a move back towards +6 this could suggest

For the Eagles-Saints game, the line has primarily been Philadelphia +8 across the board. This one has come down from +8.5 and we have seen it as high as +10.  Still, we haven't seen any books move to +7.5 yet so it's not an overwhelming effort to get more action on the Saints.

The Chargers-Patriots line has also tended to follow the action from +5 to +4.

It's too early for us here at Gambling911.com to give any of these teams an edge over the other.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com


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