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THE Premiership idols at the centre of a gay sex scandal are part of a GANG of players who regularly take part in debauched romps, we can reveal today. 

Last week the News of the World told how two stars�an England international and a multi-million-pound midfielder � used a vibrating mobile in an obscene sex game. 

Now a nightclub insider who knows the players involved has come forward to reveal a SECOND orgy involving Player A from the first romp�and TWO more top-flight players. 

"I went back to a player's house with two other stars after we'd been drinking one night," said our source. "The player whose house it was went to his bedroom and came back with five grand in cash, threw it on the table and said: �Who will suck my ****?'" 

The star�who performed oral sex on Player B mentioned last week�was glad to oblige. 



wooatdeskWhich one is gay?  Our own Jenny Woo put her gaydar to work and placed odds on Sol Campbell, Will Young, Matt Taylor, Christiano Ronaldo, Jermaine Jenas (Gambling911.com's readers choice based on searches), and Joe Cole.  No online sportsbook has dared to offer odds yet, so Jenny had to here

"He did it for just under a minute and everyone was cheering," said our source. 

"All three players there that night are household names. Two have girlfriends." 

Our source also revealed a THIRD perverted session in which a player openly pleasured himself in front of another star in a hotel room�again after a booze-up. "He had to stop suddenly when room service arrived," said our source. 

The source�a pal of a well-known DJ who we can confirm as the "third man" kissing and caressing the players in the orgy last week� insisted none of the stars were really gay. 

"They see this as just messing around," he said. 

"They are rich and untouchable and this sort of weird behaviour is just another way of getting their kicks." He described other sick games the gang plays�which include simulating oral sex without actually touching one another. 

"Of course people outside of their world are going to think what the hell is going on?" said our source.

"But this happens all the time in football. 

"I've been at parties where it happens. There is also a game where one person has to put their **** in another's mouth but without touching them. 

"But they're not gay. It's normal for some of them to do this." 

Our exclusive last week� broken by top showbiz columnist Rav Singh�sent shock waves through soccer. 

He described pictures showing an England star giving oral sex to a Premiership player, who was then seen shoving a mobile phone down his boxer shorts and performing an obscene sex act with it as his friend called his number to make the phone vibrate. 

Our source said all the players were in a panic, ringing round trying to hush things up. "I'm in a war zone," he said. 


Player A is so furious at being caught he has blustered to one of Rav's soccer contacts that he should be KIDNAPPED to stop him revealing more. 

In a taped conversation, the contact tells Rav how Player A warned him: 

"Tell your mate if he don't watch it, he's going to get himself kidnapped."

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Originally published on Gambling911.com February 18, 2006 9:37 pm ET

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