Mouth: Poker Streams Are Entertainment, Not About How Good You Play

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Ace King
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When Ohio legalized sports betting in January, it was expected to be among the top five states in terms of amount wagered.  That easily came to fruition in February, a month that featured the Super Bowl.


Ohio ranked No. 4 on the list.  Surprisingly, New Jersey and Nevada continue to hold their own at the No. 2 and No. 3 spots, respectively.  Nevada has been in the game a very long time, prior to the 2018 Supreme Court ruling that opened the floodgates for other states.  New Jersey filed the complaint that resulted in the high court's decision.

New York, as the 4th most populous state, continues to sit in the top spot.  They are the only state to cross over the billion dollar mark.

Maryland took its sweet 'ol time getting into the space, but it's already paying off as the state ranks No. 9.

1. New York: $1.47 BILLION

2. NJ: $847.4M

3. Nevada: $659.4M

4. Ohio: $638.8M

5. PA: $599.5M

6. Virginia $433.8M

7. Michigan: $357M

8. Indiana: $356M

9. Maryland: $339.4M

10. TN: $327M

Mouth Says Poker Streams About Talent, Not Playing Skill

Mike "The Mouth" Matusow had something to say about a recent conversation involving poker streams and the blocking of talented players to allow for the more popular player to have the most screen time.

DGAF, one of the most successful professional live cash poker players in the world, presented the subject matter via his Twitter account.

"People who aren't being invited to play on stream by another game runner (me) are using this opportunity to say they are "blocked" as well.

"These two things are not the same.

"Poker livestreams are businesses. The important metrics are subs, views, and likes.

"Do people actually think livestream operators and employees shouldn't do everything they can (legally) to help their respective businesses thrive?

"Livestreamed poker games and public poker games (where the only metric that matters is rake generated)--also not the same."

Matusow offered his take on the matter.

"When will people realize poker streams are entertainment and just like nbc hu was when I was invited on every year it’s all about what attracts most views to a stream or poker show! How you play poker is irrelevant if you don’t bring any value to a show!"

- Ace King, Mary Montgomery,