ReviewHost PPH is a service-focused pay per head company that works towards results and making their clients increase their business profits.

Host PPH walks the extra mile to backup their claims with numbers. Host PPH is so well known for its level of service that big names like Jimmy Vaccaro, former director of The Mirage Sports Book and Lem Banker, Famous Professional Sports Bettor endorse it.

Host PPH has been a pioneer in the Pay Per Head industry and has been in the offshore business model for 15+ years. With Host PPH, agents have at the reach of their hand DGS Software which is kept up to date and mantained by a dedicated in-house team of programmers and IT professionals.

Some of the benefits bookies get with Host:

  • Sharpest Lines in the Business Risk Management 
  • Team Big Bet Alert Over 40 years of Bookmaking Experience
  • 99.9% uptime with 5 separate back ups. 
  • Friendly collection process with wide scale of payment options
  • Native English Speakers
  • More Betting options
  • Your own customized website with your own domain and design absolutely free.
  • Competitive Pricing
  • First Class Agent Support Team
  • The Ability to Move Their Own Lines
  • Unlimited Customized Player Profiling
  • Up To 4 Weeks FREE - No Upfront Deposit Required


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