First Poker Player President Since Nixon

With the election this week of Barack Obama as President of the United States, there will be a poker player in the White House for the first time since Richard Nixon was elected President in 1968

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Nov/07/2008

Professional Poker Player, Grateful Dead Attorney Dead

A professional poker player, who doubled as the longtime attorney for the rock band the Grateful Dead, is dead.

According to media reports, Harold "Hal" Kant, 77, of Reno, Nevada, USA, who earned a championship gold bracelet and $174,000 for winning a pot-limit Omaha tournament at the 1987 World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas, died October 19 in Reno from pancreatic cancer.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Oct/30/2008

Disgraced Former Cricket Player Now Poker Pro?

Only in the world of poker can someone viewed as a person of low moral character be seen as a hero.

The latest example?

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Oct/24/2008

What the #$%&!@ is Zosoz?


Yep, Zosoz!

That, believe it or not, is the name of the latest so-called "legal" online poker room to grace the Internet.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Oct/22/2008

Danish Poker Pro Pulls Plug on Disastrous Website

Danish poker pro Gus "The Great Dane" Hansen is truly a great poker player, having won nearly six million dollars in career poker tournament earnings.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Oct/03/2008

Annette Obrestad Won't Repeat 2007 WSOPE Win

The second annual World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) Main Event will not have a repeat winner.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Oct/01/2008

CEO of So-Called Legal Online Poker Room Operating in US Speaks

Jason Kellerman, chief executive officer of Pure Play, a so-called "legal" online poker room based in the USA, will be a featured speaker at

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Sep/25/2008

Poker Player Faces 82 Charges Including Home Invasion

An accused poker bandit, who was facing 52 criminal charges for a poker game robbery earlier this year, has now been hit with 30 more criminal charges, bringing the total number of criminal charges

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Sep/21/2008

Cowboy Poker Player Home Ransacked, WSOP Bracelets Stolen

Professional poker player Hoyt "Cowboy" Corkins of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, who has won two World Series of Poker (WSOP) championship gold bracelets and almost $4 million in tournament pri

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Sep/03/2008

Poker Brat Phil Hellmuth to Host Event for Disgraced NFL Player

Poker pro Phil "Poker Brat" Hellmuth Jr., never one to shy away from controversy or worry about his image, will emcee a poker event hosted by a disgraced National Football League (NFL) pl

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Aug/29/2008

Michael Phelps Invited to Join Doyle Brunson at Asian Poker Tour

Ten-time World Series of Poker gold bracelet-winner Doyle "Texas Dolly" Brunson, scheduled to participate in a major poker tournament in Macau, China, next week, may not be the only golde

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Aug/26/2008

Not Enough Poker on Television Say Executives

Imagaine the following scenario:

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Aug/06/2008

New WSOP Flick: Documentary About 2005 World Series of Poker

Hollywood, which hasn't produced a decent movie about poker since "Rounders" in 1998, is giving it another shot.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Jul/28/2008

Poker Sex Ring Taken Down

A professional poker player from Fairfield, California, USA, has been arrested and charged with running a sex trafficking ring involving underage girls.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Jul/15/2008