Online gambling information site Wizard of Vegas has posted a guide that gives players the upper hand in beating Club World Casino’s introductory deposit match bonuses. The guide explains that the casino’s introductory bonus is really two different promotions that allows players to select one for their personal use.

The first of the bonuses is a 100% match on Slots, Video Poker, and Scratch Cards with a 20x playthrough, while the second is a 100% Match Bonus for up to $150 that can be used on Blackjack, Video Poker, and Casino Poker and a few other games.

The bonus money in these promotions are called Phantom Bonuses, which means that the bonus money will disappear when you go to make a withdrawal. This means that there are some special considerations to be taken into account when determining a strategy for beating the bonus.

Players who take advantage of the slot promotion will have the to go through a 20x wagering requirement, but there is no real strategy to beating the games as Club World Casino does not publish the probabilities of their slot payouts. Your odds aren’t much better on the keno option either, with the Wizard predicting that the 7 spot being your only shot of beating the bonus with that game.

Conversely though, the second bonus does offer a better chance of “beating the bonus”, as the game offers up the chance to play blackjack, video poker, and casino poker. This bonus has a 30x playthrough, with blackjack counting as 10% value (making the playthrough 300x), video poker has 5% (making playthrough 600x), and casino poker having 4% (meaning it has a 750x playthrough).

The guide assumes a player will max out the bonus, meaning that the that you will have a very high wagering requirement, but you can eek this out with good bets and using proper strategy. Players could go the blackjack route, but they will see a $90,000 playthrough with a house edge of 0.54% resulting in an expected loss of $486, or they can go the route of playing Baccarat, whose tie pays out 9-1. The Wizard has decided that this bet with RTG software has the best overall combination of house edge, variance and expectation.

With that in mind the Wizard concluded that there most certainly is a way for players to beat Club World Casino’s introductory bonus, and as long as you stick to proper strategy.

Club World Casino is an online casino that is owned and operated by the Club World Group. The casino is highly regarded among players and carries the distinction of being approved by the Wizard of Odds himself.

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