The NCAA has issued a warning that it will demand any "suspicious" bets taking place during this year's NCAA Tournament to be cancelled, according to a report filed by ESPN

  • This marks the first time an NCAA Tournament will be held in a state that has legalized sports betting (Indiana).
  • The NCAA and the Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC) will be working with third-party companies that track the betting markets for any irregularities.
  • If suspicious betting patterns are detected, the IGC can order all bets canceled on a game.
  • Point-shaving schemes remain the biggest concerns and have occurred in the past 50 years including notorious incidents at Boston College, Arizona State, and San Diego, among others.
  • 47 million are expected to bet on this year's tournament.

"The NCAA and its members are evolving as the sports wagering continues to change. We are continuing to expand our efforts across these important areas to ensure we are protecting the integrity of competition and the well-being of student-athletes," an NCAA spokesperson told ESPN in a statement. "Sports wagering education remains a priority of the NCAA's efforts with the goal of providing a variety of materials to support the membership's educational initiatives."

- Don Shapiro,