Illinois was seeing heavy action compared to Illinois for Sunday's early games.  This is a correction from a moment ago when we had said Chicago-Loyola had most of the public action. 

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Baylor was seeing better than 60% of the action as a -6 point favorite versus Wisconsin and 80% plus on the moneyline.

Action on Syracuse vs. West Virginia was relatively balanced.

Arkansas (3-seed) is a lower seeded dog seeing 60% action on the spread vs. Texas Tech (6-seed) but 80% plus on the moneyline.

The Ruters-Houston game is seeing relatively balanced action on both the spread and moneyline.

Oral Roberts (+8.5) is getting 80% of the spread action vs. Florida.  Moneyline action is heavy on Oral Roberts as well.

North Texas was getting some really good lopsided action on the moneyline at +220 versus Vilanova.  The backing for North Texas was 70% on the spread.

Oregon State vs. Oklahoma State was mostly balanced action.

- Don Shapiro,