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Apple Tablet

A day after Apple's announcement of the iPad, sports betting website Bookmaker.com posted its odds on the best-selling tablet in 2010.

Amazon Kindle +300
Barnes & Noble Nook +275
Sony's Reader +400
Irex Iliad +500
Fujitsu Flepia +550
Dell Mini 5 +400
Apple iPad +200
HP Slate +350

Was there any doubts that the house was going to bet on Apple?

Allan Hoffman of the New Jersey Star Ledger writes of the Apple Tablet phenomenon:

"As incredible as it may seem, we're just on the cusp of iPad mania. That's because Apple's introduction of the iPad last week signaled the start of a nebulous period of roughly 60 days before the iPad is actually available in late March. Though you might reasonably assume there would be a lull in iPad coverage, just the opposite is the case. The mania seems to reach new heights each day, stoked by Apple's secrecy, the fervor of Apple fanboys (and detractors), the questions and uncertainties raised by Apple's announcement and the anticipation over actually being able to purchase an iPad."

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