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C Costigan
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There are a couple of ways for online bookies and pay per head agents to handle NHL team favorites.

As it so happens, NHL handicappers had 2 games on Oct. 26 that are perfect examples of how bookies should handle favorites.

Two Examples – Oct. 26 Games

Montreal Canadiens +104 vs New York Islanders -115

The Montreal Canadians, going into their Oct. 26 game with the NY Islanders, are an unreal 5 and 0. The Canadians are an unbelievable 5-0-0-1.

They started out 2015 going 9 and 0. One hockey analyst described it as a habit of having fast starts.

Whether it’s a habit or not, NHL hockey handicappers are all over the Canadians at +104.

59% are backing Montreal on the moneyline at those odds. That’s a huge percentage backing the dog against the favorite.

The public in this case is going for the favorite.

The reason that’s obvious is because while 59% of handicappers are on the Canadians, many online sportsbooks have the Islanders at -120.

What it means is that the sportsbooks are looking to foster betting on the Canadians. This is great information for online bookies and per head agents.

They could copy the sportsbooks’ model and change the odds to Islanders -120.

Or, if they have a lot of pro hockey bettor clients, they could simply leave the odds as is and look for a scalp opportunity if too many wagers land on the Canadians.

Washington Capitals -138 vs Edmonton Oilers +125

This appears to be a case of handicappers and the casual bettor being on the same page. 66% of hockey handicappers love the Caps at -138.

Only 34% are on the Oilers at +125. A quick check of the online sportsbooks reveals that some have already change the odds on the Capitals to -140.

In this case, online bookies and pay per head agents might want to change the odds on the Caps to -145 or higher depending on the action received on the Capitals.

If a bookmaker receives such a large difference in wagers between the Caps and the Oilers, they could look for scalping opportunities.

These are 2 examples for bookmakers that show how to handle NHL team favorites betting.

One of the advantages of having pay per head tools at a bookmakers’ disposal is being able to change odds quickly and effectively.

To have the best tools available, pay per head agents and bookies should have a premium software. Learn more about PayPerHead.com and the premium tools offered here.

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