UltimateBet Hand Histories to be Revealed

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Ace King
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Much controversy arose last week when poker pro Joe Sebok announced he had entered into a deal to represent UltimateBet.com, one of the world's largest online poker rooms.

A number of outspoken individuals in the online poker community are not yet willing to forget or forgive UltimateBet following a highly publicized "insider cheating" scandal that came to light last year.  Since that time UB has worked diligently to cooperate in the investigation while paying back those who may have been even remotely affected.

A chunk of the online poker community has since unleashed its venom upon Sebok.

He responded on this blog this week, ensuring that hand histories from the cheating episodes will soon be released.

Whew, crazy couple of days. Thanks everyone for all the support. You guys are amazing and I can't thank you enough for the love. For the skeptical, I just ask that you give the situation some more time...

Now, let's get to the release of the hand histories. It's a two-part process and here is the rundown:

First off, UB is currently working to catch up on all past historical requests, so be aware of that if you already have a request in. In truth though, it can't hurt to send another email request just to lock it up. You can do so at pokersecurity@ultimatebet.com. Please include all pertinent information in your email: your name, address, and your user name.

Now, once your request has been processed you should expect a summary version of the information first. It'll be a spreadsheet that details every hand you specifically played against each of the identified 117 cheating accounts. This will be a complete record of all those hands so that you can go through and verify the refund amounts yourselves. This will act as a summary as we want to get something out to you while the actual detailed hand histories are processed, which obviously takes longer.

Some hand histories will go out quickly, as they won't contain as many hands as others. Some players have played a ridiculous amount of hands however and that will take a longer amount of time to process. Again, this is the reason for the first, summary hand breakdown of the information, as that gets something in your hands that you can begin checking sooner.

Please be a little patient with getting this information out and back to you once you have requested it. I know you have all been waiting for quite a while, but this kind of project takes some time to run through.

Thanks to the KGC and UB for making this all happen. I am impressed to say the least.