PokerStars to Deal Its 85 Billionth Hand This Week

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PokerStars to Deal Its 85 Billionth Hand This Week

PokerStars is back on the Road to 100 Billion this week, as the site’s 85-billionth hand is set to be dealt in the next seven days. Every five billion hands, PokerStars celebrates by awarding players cash prizes for being dealt into every millionth hand in the run up to the big milestone.

This time the 300 milestone hands will pay out players from 84,700,000,000 to 84,999,000,000, with the final 85,000,000,000 hand set to award one player at least $20,000. The final hand is currently projected to be dealt on the afternoon of Sunday, August 19.

Players can win the cash prizes by playing in real money ring games on PokerStars over the next few days. The first milestone hand is expected to hit early on Tuesday, August 14. In total, PokerStars expects to award more than $1,000,000 during the course of the promotion.

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To increase the chance of being dealt into a milestone hand and winning more money, players can do the following:

1) Play more tables – the more tables the greater chance of being dealt into a milestone hand

2) Play longer sessions – the size of the prize depends on the amount of VIP Player Points (VPP) a player has earned while at the table. Taking a seat well in advance of the next milestone will maximize the reward

3) Loosen up – players earn VPPs every time they are involved in a raked pot. The more pots played, the more VPPs earned!

NB: Zoom Poker hands will not be included in the promotion, so PokerStars players must be sat at normal real money ring game tables to be in with a chance of being involved in a milestone hand