Poker Pro Dan Cates First Interview Was All a Lie: Granted Second One

Written by:
Ace King
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Dan Cates

After getting himself caught up in an elaborate multi-account cheating scandal involving Jose Macedo, Dan Cates agreed to an interview with SubjectPoker.com.  Noteworthy high stakes player Vanessa Selbst assisted with the interview.

Prior to this interview, Cates had remained rather quiet while another conspirator, poker coach Haseeb “DOG IS HEAD” Qureshi, admitted wrongdoing and advised he will be leaving the poker world for good (though we wouldn’t count on this). 

As if Cates hadn’t dug a big enough hole for himself through his involvement in the cheating scandal, he would later admit to lying throughout the first interview conducted by SubjectPoker.

What to do?

Give the kid a do-over. 

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Cates, however, had offered very little response to the situation until agreeing to do an interview with me yesterday. He agreed to allow Venessa Selbst, a respected high stakes poker player, to join the interview as well. Just hours after that interview concluded, Cates’s publicist contacted me to inform me that Cates had lied to us and that he would like to do another interview to explain. Both interviews appear below.

We had originally agreed, as a compromise between a text and voice interview, to conduct a voice interview but only to publish the transcript. Cates later agreed to publish the audio in the interest of transparency. Because of this confusion, the audio quality is quite poor–There is static, typing, and various sound effects from our respective computers audible on the recording–and much of the interview is conducted more casually than would be ideal. The interviews also have no clear introduction or closing statements. Subject: Poker apologizes for these problems.

We can’t make this stuff up even if we tried.

- Ace King, Gambling911.com

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