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Nov/29/2010 and continue to put players’ safety and security first with the launch of the new Security Token.  Online poker players across the CEREUS Network seeking to strengthen their personal security can now add an extra layer of user authentication, and that means war on unauthorized account access and maximum protection every time they log in.


“We are committed to doing everything possible to safeguard our network and players, and we want to provide every option to boost their personal security, particularly those who keep sick amounts of cash in their accounts day-to-day,” said Team UB Pro Joe Sebok. “The Security Token will provide the most up-to-date security solution to ensure that every player’s personal information and bankroll is always protected.”


At UB and Absolute Poker, tap into proven state-of-the-art technology entrusted by banks and other security-reliant institutions by pro-actively choosing to use the Security Token; it’s a small electronic device that once activated and tied to an account will require a player to use both their password and to have the physical device at hand.


So, even if a player’s password has been compromised, the account will be safe with the Security Token still firmly in the player’s hand; By upgrading account security with the Security Token two-factor authentication process – the password plus the unique security code generated by the ‘one-button’ device – players across the CEREUS Network now have access to unrivalled security and peace of mind.


The Security Token can be used as a stand-alone security measure, or in conjunction with the SecureID PIN, a five-digit number, chosen by the player. Once a SecureID PIN has been activated, and a player completes the usual log in with a username and password, the account holder will be asked to enter the five-digit ID PIN to complete the login process.