Second Chance Bonuses and why they rock!

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We’re always on the look out for the next best thing – the next best casino to hit the scene. The ones with that special sauce; a perfect blend of usability, fresh content, kickass features and of course, great bonuses.

In my days, I’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to casino products. I know my stuff. As for bonuses, there’s pretty much as many types of bonuses as there are operators to boot. On top of that, each has their own interpretation of how to implement them, for us resulting in more time spent digging through terms and conditions than enjoying the gameplay itself. But of course, not all bonuses systems are created equal, and not all bonuses are my cup of tea.

While there’s many types of bonuses, my focus in this article will be toward the deposit bonus, or more particularly – the registration welcome bonus.

As it stands, each product usually conforms to a particular win flow model, which dictates the priority of how real and bonus funds are deducted and credited to your balance during gameplay. There’s two main models at play here and each operator will generally conform to just one. Exhibit A is the merged model, which combines your real funds and bonus funds into one balance, and then applies a wagering requirement to the full balance – meaning you wont be able to withdraw your winnings until this bonus-based condition is settled. The deposited amount would usually be the maximum you can withdraw of your balance prior to completing the wagering requirement, so that big win which you celebrated already is going to have to set on ice somewhat, as you’re pushed to play more to see out the wagering requirement tied to the fact that you claimed a promotional bonus.

There is a better model, though, which sadly has taken a backseat in modern casino. I am of course talking about the segregated model - Exhibit B - which allows evermore freedom in comparison to its merged, uglier cousin. 

So, what is a segregated bonus model? How does it work, and why is it better for us players?

The answer is simple really. As the name suggests, it segregates the real and bonus balance and treats them separately. Real funds bets and wins are reserved for your real funds balance, while your bonus balance is the one which takes on the wagering requirement. You bet with real, your wins are real. You bet with bonus funds, your wins are bonus funds until you complete the wagering requirement. The benefit? Freedom of funds, peace of mind. If you win with your money, you’re free to do whatever you like – be it continue playing or withdraw your balance, usually prompting you to forfeit your unused bonus should you wish. If luck isn’t on your side however and your real balance is depleted, you now get a second chance at winning. Hence comes the name, the “Second Chance bonus”. It’s the promotional side of your gameplay which didn’t condition your real funds gameplay prior, and which has now only come into play because you need it to.

Are there any cons to a segregated model? Well, relative to the merged model, absolutely not. Your real gameplay isn’t conditioned by a bonus you might not even touch – surely that can only be good thing!

Me? I’ve made a decision – I now only seek out casinos who embrace a segregated bonus model. As a player, I feel far comfortable knowing my deposited funds are unconditioned, withdrawable. To me that is paramount. A merged model simply does not give me that peace of mind.

I’ve done my research and signed up to the few casinos that continue to offer Second Chance bonuses and keep coming back to my long-time favorite Slotty Vegas casino.

Their bonus model is by far the absolute fairest I have come across out there. Coupled with a strong portfolio which includes the likes of Netent and Microgaming, their bonus structure gives me no reason to look elsewhere for my gaming style.


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