Now Super Bowl Gets Even Crazier, Covering Everything From LeBron James To Olympic Gold Medals

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Super Bowl prop bets are now in Las Vegas casinos and sportsbooks. Professional and upcoming gamblers are taking their chances. They do not want to waste their time. Everyone is looking the big fish. It doesn’t matter where it will come from. It can be from the local Super Bowl league or any other big game. But even as bettors want money, some prop bets are super comical. For instance, A-Sportbook.com releases its prop bet smorgasbord. Create time and see it. It’s indeed crazy. The food has 400 lines. 

It is true that many of the lines are from within. In fact, most of them talk about Super Bowl LII. The central fixture here is between New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles. But it can also surprise. Some games are actually from another world. The A-Sportbook.com is giving odds. There is nothing crazy about providing such odds. But, honestly, what follows after this is super insane. The odds cover on the number of points James will score. Also, this will be on February 3. What is more, the odds are looking into the number of pass attempts. These are pass attempts from Nick Foles, the Eagles quarterback. This game will take place on February 4 during the Super Bowl. For now, Foles is spotting James some 6.5 points. He passes 33 times during NFC Championship. The game is against Minnesota Vikings. 

Punters who prefer  A-Sportbook.com will gate another big chance. Players can now place their bets to win money. This time, it is on the number of gold medals the U.S. will win.  The actual event is next month’s Winter Olympics. But you are placing your bet alongside another game. The game is between the Pat and the Eagles in their first quarter. In this, you are looking at the number of gold medals against total points. In short, Every1bets.com is giving punters a chance of betting the extraordinary. You will get super odds, games, and events that are nowhere else. Above all, this is what Every1bets.com is trying to do. A-Sportbook.com has everything that you need to be happy. The sportsbook has every line you are looking.

Comical Odds

There is a segment for the comical odds. These are what you will never see elsewhere. It is, in fact, the first time they are appearing.  They seem to attract hundreds of thousands of punters.  This one will make you laugh. Intertops is asking bettors a question. The question is simple yet comes with money if you are lucky. Here is the problem: Is it possible to arrest a coach before kickoff? Yes is +700 while No is -1, 500. Do you think this is the only comical question? There is another one. Intertops is asking bettors another intriguing question. This time, it is on U.S. President. And what is the problem? How many times will President Trump on February 2? Is it over 5times for-140? If under 5-even. Yes, these are some of the latest Super Bowl prop bets in Las Vegas.

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