Do New England Patriots’ Odds Still Mean Anything To Bookies As NFL Super Bowl LII Shows?

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As things were thought to be, New England Patriots were supposed to end the pay per head betting league in February being the champions of about 16-0. This is because, at the start of the season, it was clear that the team had a vision, which was supported by odds. So in a way, it seemed like no one could ever stop the Tom Brady and co towards the February finals. See why you should shift you pay per head software platform to PremierPerHead.com.

But things are not always what you think. As we speak, the feeling of Pats becoming champions in February has gone so low to the point that Pats odds are now becoming valueless to pay per head sites. This at least started when pats lost to Kansas City Chiefs at home. The day was so rough for the Pats who were hammered 42-27! Imagine that all these happened in the first week and it is at home with all the advantages of playing at home.

With that in mind, it is not bad to ask ourselves whether or not the odds given to Pats are still relevant to online bookies at Premier Per Head. It is good to note that pay per head bookies are not the decision makers but oddsmakers are. Still, the oddsmakers could be nothing if the teams did not take part in any tournament. So, it is healthy to say that coming up with odds is a process that is not started and completed by one person or entity.

At the start, the NFL odds seemed to favor New England Patriots when they were given +325. But immediately the Pats were ashamed in front of their fans by Kansas City Chiefs; things started to go sour for the Pats. Super Bowl odds changed at the very start of the tournament. In fact, right in the first week, Pats were at +450.

Even with this bad start, there is still some hope because Pats are scheduled to meet with New Orleans in the second week of the tournament. This will take place at the Superdome. Right from their loss in week 1, there are some pay per head bookies who have always supported the Pats and feel that the odds were overrated. But even as they argue so, the fact remains that although the Saints lost to Minnesota at the same time with the Pats, it could not change anything much.

Remember that although Pats lost in week 1, history confirms that they might emerge the winners.

Here are examples when the lost in week 1 and how they finished:

⦁    Week 1 2001 (lost) but finished 11-5

⦁    Week 1 2003 (lost) but finished 14-2

⦁    Week 1 2014 (lost) but finished 12-4

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