Next GOP Candidate to Withdraw Odds; Debate Prop Bets

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Asa Hutchinson was the odds-on favorite to be the first GOP candidate to drop out of the election race back on August 24, but the wily Arkansan is still hanging tough.  He will not be appearing in the next debate.


However, in light of Doug Burgum's withdrawal, and ahead of tomorrow's Republican Debate, has re-opened odds for the next GOP dropout. Hutchinson remains the favorite, but Chris Christie is a close second.

Former United Nations Ambassador and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis appear to be leading the fight for a distant second place after former U.S. President Donald Trump.

Speaking of the debate, which no one seems interested in watching without Trump participating, the viewership over/under projection with the bookmaker is rather low.

Next Republican Candidate To Withdraw                     

Asa Hutchinson             2/3

Chris Christie                3/2

Vivek Ramaswamy        10/1

Ron DeSantis                20/1

Donald Trump Sr.          50/1

Nikki Haley                   50/1


Debate Winner (as per polls)

Ron DeSantis +110

Nikki Haley +115

Vivek Ramaswamy +550

Chris Christie +1600


First To Say Trump

Nikki Haley +140

Ron DeSantis +200

Vivek Ramaswamy +400

Chris Christie +400


Word To Be Said Most

Border +120

Israel +225

Hamas +275

Trump +700


Word(s) To Be Said First

Woke -120

Common Sense -120


Most Speaking Time

Vivek Ramaswamy +170

Nikki Haley +200

Ron DeSantis +300

Chris Christie +400


Estimated Viewership

Over/Under 6.5 million

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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