How Can Online Bookies Use PPH Tools To Their Advantage?

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Bookies that partner with a company like PayPerHead have access to tools they can use to, well, dominate their competition.

Great per head companies like PayPerHead don’t offer the lowest rate for bookies to use their dashboard.

The reason why is simple. While many other per head companies attempt to attract clients based on price, PayPerHead attracts clients based on customer service and tools. Tools, especially, can separate one bookie from another.

Check out how PayPerHead agents use PPH tools to create profit.

How PayPerHead Agents Create Profit with PPH Tools

Every tool listed here, PayPerHead offers. Make sure to sign-up with PayPerHead so you get an idea of how exactly powerful these tools are.

Layoff Account

Ask most any PayPerHead agent which tool she uses the most and she’ll point to the layoff account.

The layoff account does exactly what the name implies, it allows bookie agents to lay off money from one side of a spread to another. By doing so, bookies cut their risk.

True profit is in fees, the juice, that bookmakers charge clients for the right to make a wager.

The layoff account allows bookmakers to cut risk so they can keep more of the juice, more of the fees.

Line Mover

The line mover is one of the most important tools in a PayPerHead agent’s arsenal. The line mover allows agents to change betting lines.

Just by adding a half a point, bookies can ensure they will never refund wagers.

Bookies can also change lines to make one side of a spread attractive, or to dissuade players from betting on a specific side of a spread. Either way, the bookie can use the line mover to encourage or discourage action.

That’s powerful.

Mass Editing

The mass editing tool allows online bookie agents to make mass edits to all their players at once.

Just a few weeks ago, players in Vegas bet mass amounts of money, hundreds of thousands of dollars, on the Alabama Crimson Tide to beat the Oklahoma Sooners. Although the moneyline odds were terrible, Vegas paid out a ton due to mass amounts of money wagered.

Agents can set max betting limits on all moneyline wagers. Making huge payouts can cripple a sportsbook operator’s business.

So, the mass editing tool is a good way to ensure profit by setting betting limits on moneylines. 

PayPerHead agents don’t have to search for “How to” blogs and articles, instead, each agent has their own personal Account Success Manager.

This is your got-to connection when you want to learn about new tools, features, or have any questions about your day-to-day business activities.

There are so many advantages when bookies partner with the right per head software. Let PayPerHead.com help you acheive your business goals and financial dreams.

Speak to a PayPerHead rep today about how you can get started with a premium per head partner and start raking in profits.

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