How Much Do We Depend on Video Games?

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Video games have become a very important part of our lives, and we shall check the finer points of the role they play in this article. A majority of the population has found some kind of recluse in video games. They are often our most preferred entertainment options after a long tiring day. How do they work to make our mood better? What are some of the most preferred gaming choices? All this shall be uncovered as we discuss games, slot machines, and other free titles in articles like Vulkan Vegas review among others.

How Important Are Video Games?

As per the latest study conducted by Electronics Art Design and Research Centre, nearly 70% of people play on their smartphones. After smartphones, personal computers are the second most important gaming equipment as nearly 52% of the people owning a PC play some kind of games on it. An average adult spends nearly 12% of his weekly time playing on his device. So what are the major reasons behind such immense popularity of this type of entertainment?

Infusion of New Skills

As per the report made by the American Psychologist Association, playing video games imparts new skills, especially when it goes about kids. It gives them new cognitive abilities that help them learn to pay attention to details, keep themselves occupied with laser-sharp focus, and an increased capacity to solve problems. Researchers have suggested that if you want to learn a new skill, try learning along with playing some sort of puzzle-solving game. The view that playing video games is intellectually lazy needs to be discarded after reading the research.

Improved Social Circle

While playing, gamers interact with tons of people across continents. Thus gaming helps break the social communication barriers and introduces players to people with similar interests. As a result of this, gamers are often found to become better at expressing themselves, ever ready to form social connections. However, the study accepts that the negative impacts of gaming addiction, that have been highlighted over the years, should not be ignored at any cost.

Better Academic Performance

Gamers are often found to be excelling in academic as well as professional spheres. This is because playing any game imparts decision-making capabilities in us. We become better at processing the data in our brains and later use the stored information to make quick decisions. It has also been found that if the team members are playing the same version of a game or same kind of it, then they are more likely to show improved coherence in office. As a team leader, you can really improve the performance of your team by adding a weekly gaming activity in your sessions.

Earning along with Learning

Video games are an avenue of potential earning as well. Most of the multiplayer titles organize full-scale events, where the players compete against each other The champion is often rewarded with grand prizes, goodies, and coupons.

On the other hand, gambling and esports like slot machines, poker or Dota 2 are used by players with a very clear purpose of making some extra buck along with playing quality games. These are easy to play versions, most of which are even available for free.

Quality Entertainment

Despite all their flaws, one can not deny the fact that video games are our most easily accessible sources of quality entertainment. Hence, people often prefer to play them on while they are on their way to the office or while they are taking a short coffee break. Over the top of that, most often the slots can be played in a break as short as 2 minutes. Hence, people always tend to keep logged into their online casino account and enjoy quality gaming, even if it is for a very short duration only.

So it is pretty much clear that video games play a very crucial role in our lives. From helping us in personal space to improving our performance in our professional sphere, they make our lives easier and interesting. Hence one must always try to play some kind of video game, even if it for a very short duration. Pretty soon you can notice the changes in yourselves, given you keep it to a healthy level and save yourselves from addiction.


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