Become A Master Agent Lesson #2: Effectively Managing Subagents

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At a certain point, an online bookie agent might have to transition to an online bookie master agent. Usually, this occurs because the bookmaker has done such a great job building his or her business.

The more clients, the harder it becomes to maintain a business.

How can master agents effectively manage subagents? Check it out!

How to Effectively Manage Subagents

The key to effectively managing subagents starts before the process of taking on subagents. If a master agent has already decided to take on a subagent, and finds managing that subagent difficult, it’s too late.

Pay per head master agents don’t have time to babysit subagents. See below for more info on what to do before taking on subagents.

Don’t make any family members or friends subagents –  This sounds like a good idea. An agent’s family and friends know about the agent’s business.

Not only that, but there are some family and friends that agents trust more than they’d ever trust an outsider. So, on the surface at least, hiring a family member or friend to serve as a subagent makes sense.

But hiring family and friends could lead to some difficulty. Subagents do work for master agents. Sometimes the family member or friend dynamic works. Usually, it doesn’t.

Be upfront before taking on a subagent – It’s always good in business to be upfront. The great Jack Welch, GE’s former CEO, called it candor. Be candid about expectations.

Make sure the agreement is decided upon by both parties. Also, encourage your subagents to vet you as hard as you vet them. This creates immediate trust.

Only work with subagents that bring something to the table – If a per head agent hires subagents that bring nothing to the table, what’s the point?

The only reason to hire subagents is so that master agents can spend more time growing and running the business. Bringing something to the table doesn’t mean bringing a specific book of business.

Check out 4 things to look for in a subagent:

1. Great customer service skills

2. A people person

3. An expert on a specific segment of the betting industry that the master agent doesn’t know well

4. Honesty and integrity

Those are all four somethings that have nothing to do with adding players to an existing online bookmaking business.

Remember, if an agent must hire subagents out of organic growth, he or she can’t be as picky as someone who hires subagents for growth.

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