Throughout this year's Stanley Cup Finals, player prop bets will be available as well as game props like Margin of Victory. We have opening props that were posted ahead of Game 2 listed below.  Expect only slight changes in pricing and totals, especially when the series shifts to Tampa Bay as these props pertained to the first game in Colorado.


Though Colorado is favored to win the Stanley Cup, they face the daunting task of beating a Lightning squad that is making its third straight appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Nathan McKinnon, who is priced at $1100 to be the first goal scorer of Game One (with similar pricing anticipated throughout the series), said he was glad to be playing Tampa.

“There’s no Cinderella story or anything: Two of the best teams in the league going at it and really excited for this challenge. And it’s going to be very, very difficult, but I believe this group and we all believe in each other. Hopefully we get this done.”

The Avalanche have been considered titans of the West in recent years but fell short of making the Stanley Cup Finals.

And while Tampa Bay has won the cup in the last two seasons, Colorado has two Stanley Cup winners on its roster: Andre Burakovsky with Washington in 2018 and Darren Helm with Detroit in 2008.

Player to Score 1st Goal of the Game (First Goal Scorer)   

Player to Score 1st Goal of the Game

Alex Killorn (TB)    +2200

Nicholas Paul (TB)    +2300

Brandon Hagel (TB)    +2300

Patrick Maroon (TB)    +3300

Zach Bogosian (TB)    +4200

Jan Rutta (TB)    +4200

Brayden Point (TB)    +1600

Corey Perry (TB)    +2000

Ross Colton (TB)    +2300

Victor Hedman (TB)    +2400

Cal Foote (TB)    +4200

Erik Cernak (TB)    +4200

Steven Stamkos (TB)    +1300

Ondrej Palat (TB)    +1800

Anthony Cirelli (TB)    +2400

Pierre-Edouard Bellemare (TB)    +3800

Ryan McDonagh (TB)    +4200

Mikhail Sergachev (TB)    +4200

Nathan MacKinnon (COL)    +1200

Gabriel Landeskog (COL)    +1400

Erik Johnson (COL)    +3900

Mikko Rantanen (COL)    +1300

Cale Makar (COL)    +1700

Andre Burakovsky (COL)    +2200

Devon Toews (COL)    +2400

Valeri Nichushkin (COL)    +1700

JT Compher (COL)    +2000

Jack Johnson (COL)    +4200

Nicolas Aube-Kubel (COL)    +3200

Nico Sturm (COL)    +3600

Josh Manson (COL)    +4200

Bowen Byram (COL)    +3500

Artturi Lehkonen (COL)    +1800

Alex Newhook (COL)    +2800

Logan O'Connor (COL)    +3300

Tampa Bay's Brayden Point returned to play Wednesday night after missing 2 Stanley Cup playoff series due to a lower-body injury suffered in the first five minutes of play in Game 7 of the first-round series gainst Toronto.

How significant was his return?

No player has scored more goals (30) than Point has in his last three NHL postseasons appearances.

Point admitted ahead of Wednesday night's game that he might be a little rusty after sitting out for so long.

"Any time you're coming back, you can't replicate the timing and whatnot of playoff hockey in a practice," he said. "It just doesn't happen. It'll be an adjustment for sure. But it's the playoffs. You gotta do everything you can to be a positive addition to your team."

Point earned an assist in his return, an overtime loss.  He also helped Nick Paul tally in the first period.

Anytime Goals Scored in Game (Not Series)

Player to Score a Goal (Any time Goal Scorer)

Nikita Kucherov (TB)    +160

Steven Stamkos (TB)    +160

Ondrej Palat (TB)    +245

Corey Perry (TB)    +310

Alex Killorn (TB)    +320

Ross Colton (TB)    +370

Nicholas Paul (TB)    +350

Anthony Cirelli (TB)    +370

Victor Hedman (TB)    +330

Nathan MacKinnon (COL)    +135

Mikko Rantanen (COL)    +155

Gabriel Landeskog (COL)    +170

Valeri Nichushkin (COL)    +225

Cale Makar (COL)    +250

Artturi Lehkonen (COL)    +270

Player Totals Over/Under Props

Andrei Vasilevskiy (TB) Total Saves   
1001    Over  33½  Saves    -125
1002    Under  33½  Saves    -105
Must Start
Nikita Kucherov (TB) Total Points 
1011    Over  ½  Points    -250
1012    Under  ½  Points    200
Must Play
Nikita Kucherov (TB) Total Shots on Goal  
1013    Over  3½  SoG    140
1014    Under  3½  SoG    -170
Must Play
Ondrej Palat (TB) Total Points   
1021    Over  ½  Points    -120
1022    Under  ½  Points    -110
Ondrej Palat (TB) Total Shots on Goal   
1023    Over  1½  SoG    -160
1024    Under  1½  SoG    130
Must Play
Steven Stamkos (TB) Total Points  
1031    Over  ½  Points    -170
1032    Under  ½  Points    140
Must Play
Steven Stamkos (TB) Total Shots on Goal   
1033    Over  2½  SoG    -170
1034    Under  2½  SoG    140
Must Play
Victor Hedman (TB) Total Points   
1041    Over  ½  Points    -140
1042    Under  ½  Points    110
Must Play
Victor Hedman (TB) Total Shots on Goal   
1043    Over  2½  SoG    -135
1044    Under  2½  SoG    105
Must Play
Ross Colton (TB) Total Points   
1051    Over  ½  Points    170
1052    Under  ½  Points    -210
Must Play
Ross Colton (TB) Total Shots on Goal   
1053    Over  1½  SoG    -130
1054    Under  1½  SoG    Ev
Must Play
Darcy Kuemper (COL) Total Saves   
1101    Over  28½  Saves    -110
1102    Under  28½  Saves    -120
Must Start
Cale Makar (COL) Total Points  
1111    Over  ½  Points    -235
1112    Under  ½  Points    195
Must Play
Cale Makar (COL) Total Shots on Goal  
1113    Over  2½  SoG    -170
1114    Under  2½  SoG    140
Must Play
Nathan MacKinnon (COL) Total Points   
1121    Over  1½  Points    165
1122    Under  1½  Points    -200
Must Play
Nathan MacKinnon (COL) Total Shots on Goal   
1123    Over  4½  SoG    -155
1124    Under  4½  SoG    125
Must Play
Mikko Rantanen (COL) Total Points   
1131    Over  ½  Points    -235
1132    Under  ½  Points    195
Must Play
Mikko Rantanen (COL) Total Shots on Goal   
1133    Over  2½  SoG    -165
1134    Under  2½  SoG    135
Must Play
Gabriel Landeskog (COL) Total Points   
1141    Over  ½  Points    -175
1142    Under  ½  Points    145
Must Play
Gabriel Landeskog (COL) Total Shots on Goal   
1143    Over  2½  SoG    -165
1144    Under  2½  SoG    135
Must Play

Winning Margin of Victory

2056    Lightning by 1    350
2057    Lightning by 2    600
2058    Lightning by 3    900
2059    Lightning by 4    1400
2060    Lightning by 5 or more    3000
2061    Avalanche by 1    300
2062    Avalanche by 2    450
2063    Avalanche by 3    700
2064    Avalanche by 4    1000
2065    Avalanche by 5 or more    1000

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