Pay Per Head Proprietary Automated Line Moving Software Introduced

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Aaron Goldstein
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Pay Per Head Proprietary Automated Line Moving Software Introduced endorsed has announced the introduction of its very own proprietary line moving software.

The Pay Per Head sportsbook has positioned itself as one of the leaders in the PPH sector, having acquired a couple of smaller Price Per Head businesses in recent weeks.

As any bookie, agent and sports bettor knows, a well managed line service and software will make or break a business these days, especially with the offering of live in-play wagering on nearly every game.

In fact, one of the fastest growing ways that players like to wager on major sporting events is the use of live betting lines. Very simply, a live betting line allows your customer to bet on a sporting event while it is actually taking place. This is relatively new concept to the sports gaming industry, but nothing creates more excitement than betting on what is going to happen next in a match or game that is in progress, points out.

“Given the complexity of live betting It would be impossible for you to do this on your own. This in-turn adds tremendous value to the investment that your PPH company makes in updating its systems with the latest technology and software necessary to keep track of this type of betting action. The software associated with live in-game betting lines is designed to constantly keep you updated on the latest odds at natural break points such as the end of a quarter, half, period, inning or whatever the break may be.”

Watch for more news on the line moving software here in the coming weeks.

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- Aaron Goldstein,

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