Online Gambling News August 24, 2011: Betfair Down Under Deal Goes Down in Flames

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C Costigan
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Online Gambling News August 24, 2011

eGaming Review Magazine on Tuesday reports that Betfair’s current deal to show odds during the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) games will not be renewed.  Australia in recent months has begun its own politically-motivated crackdown on the Internet gambling sector.

From eGaming Review:

The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in Australia will not renew Betfair’s current deal to show odds on the scoreboard before and during games – a deal which expires at the end of the current season – according to reports in the Sydney Morning Herald. The betting exchange has a similar deal with the Etihad Stadium in the same city, which will also not be renewed beyond this season. A spokesman for the ground formerly known as the Telstra Dome revealed the decision to end this deal was taken by the Australian Football League (AFL).

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….Back in the United States, the Tea Party stance on legalized online gambling is anything but friendly. 

From Online-Casinos.com:

Four candidates looking to be the Republican challenger to US Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) in the Nov. 2012 election debated each other in Orlando Florida recently. Their stance on online gambling was definitely negative despite the party image of being the original revolutionary patriots that stood for libertarian principals.

All four of the proposed candidates George LeMieux, Adam Hasner, Mike McCalister and Craig Miller, voiced their opposition to legalized internet betting.

For the most part, the start of this week has been relatively slow in the world of online gambling news. 

- Chris Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher

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